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Letterman, Leno’s Super Bowl Reunion: How It Happened

How hard was it to get longtime rivals Jay Leno and David Letterman to agree to shoot that Super Bowl commercial together?

Not hard at all, actually.

USA Today reports that Letterman, 62, concocted the idea for the 15-second spot, which featured him and Leno, 59, watching the game and Oprah Winfrey serving as the referee. (In the commercial, Letterman bemoans that it's "the worst Super Bowl party ever," and Winfrey, 56, in the middle, tells him to "be nice." Leno then whispers, "Aw, he's just sayin' that because I'm here!")

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The spot was shot last Tuesday at Letterman's Ed Sullivan Theater in NYC. It was so hush-hush that Leno even flew to New York in disguise, wearing a hooded sweatshirt, dark sunglasses and a fake moustache.

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Leno was "very professional, very cordial, friendly," says Late Show executive producer Rob Burnett. "They both got that this was funny and a good thing for everybody."

Adds Burnett, "There was a lot of conversation internally: 'Is it good for Jay, does it help him?' Dave had no interest in any of those conversations." To him, CBS' promo time was "this is 15 seconds in the Super Bowl; it has to be funny."

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