This Adorable Golden Retriever Can’t Stop Hugging Her Owner’s Legs

How cute is this? New York City resident Cesar Fernandez-Chavez‘s golden retriever, Louboutina, refuses to budge until she gives her owner a big hug around his legs.

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“She’s very stubborn,” Fernandez-Chavez told the Huffington Post of his 5-year-old dog, whose nickname is Loubie. “She pretty much forces me to do it. She’s like, ‘I’m not going anywhere if we don’t do some PDA here, right now.'”

And the first #hug of #2017 goes to….my chubby daddy!!! ?❤️??

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Because of her sweet antics, Loubie has become a sensation both on the Internet and around her neighborhood. Since Fernandez-Chavez started her Instagram account in February 2014, she has garnered more than 143,000 followers. Fernandez-Chavez and Loubie even appeared on The Rachael Ray Show on Tuesday, February 28. Watch her appearance in the video above!

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“I never trained her to do this,” Fernandez-Chavez explained on the morning talk show. “Our walks are very short in distance but long in time because there is a lot of pausing and PDA. She wants a lot of public displays of affection.”

Sometimes Loubie will cozy up to strangers, too — if she feels comfortable around them. “I tell them, ‘I think you’re about to get hugged, so get ready.’ And they freak out, in a good way,” he told the Huffington Post, noting that once Loubie makes her pick, she sits next to the person and slowly starts to lean on their legs before going in for a hug. “It’s always a cute moment.”

Hugs and Smiles for all my friends ?

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According to Fernandez-Chavez, Loubie first started showing this kind of affection years ago around Valentine’s Day. She lifted herself up on her hind legs, crossed one paw over the other for balance and held Fernandez-Chavez’s hand. Eventually, she continued doing it whenever they went for a walk.

“So that’s when I said, ‘This is weird. Who am I hanging out with here, Queen Elizabeth?'” he recalled to the website. “She was such a Señora, a lady. … I said, ‘At least I have someone to hold hands with on Valentine’s Day.'”

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