Long-Lost Cat Brothers Reunited When Their Owners Match on Tinder

 Courtesy of Petaluma Animal Services/Facebook

Single parents Cathleen Cavin and Brian Herrera had both given up on love. It wasn’t until after they matched on Tinder and discovered that their cats were twin brothers that their trust in fate was restored.

According to Metro.co.uk, the two Bay Area 44-year-olds met eight months ago through the popular dating app. On their first date, Cavin realized they had a lot more in common than she’d originally thought. Sitting outside of Herrera’s home, listening to music, she spotted his ginger and white Tabby cat as it ran by. “I did a double take and immediately yelled out, ‘That’s my cat! That’s my cat!’” she told the site.

The couple immediately began looking into their cat-adoption stories and discovered that Cavin’s cat, Ozzy, was the brother of Herrera’s cat, Butter. The cats had been adopted four days apart from the same shelter, Petaluma Animal Services.

Cavin and her daughter, Cali, had always regretted separating the two cats, she told Metro.co.uk. “Cali would say that Ozzy was sad because he missed his brother, and he was. I made a stupid promise to try and find his brother, and by a miracle and a soulmate, I did,” Cavin said of the amazing coincidence.

Since meeting, Cavin and Herrera have reintroduced Ozzy and Butter, who are well on their way to becoming best friends again. The couple told Metro.co.uk they plan to move in together and reuinite the long-lost twin cats permanently as one big happy family.

“Brian and I had both lost faith from crazy past relationships,” said Cavin. “When we found each other, we found our soulmates. Having the twin cats just confirms it further that it is serendipity at play. Meant to be! Now we have faith.”

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