Ty Burrell: 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me

25 Things You Don't Know About Ty Burrell
Ty Burrell shares 25 things about himself with Us Weekly.  Kevin Winter/WireImage

You may know him as Phil Dunphy on ABC's hit show Modern Family, but starting March 7, you can also hear Ty Burrell lend his voice to a genius dog in Mr. Peabody & Sherman. Below, the 46-year-old actor shares 25 little-known things about himself with Us Weekly

1. I love to cook. 

2. I'm not great at it. 

3. My wife, Holly, is an amazing cook, so everything around what I make tastes great. 

4. My hearing is awful. 

5. I fancied myself an athlete when I was young, until I actually got around athletes. 

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6. I drive a '65 VW Beetle. 

7. I have the strength of 10 very large women. 

8. I once spent a summer camping in Alaska and working at a local fishery. 

9. I also spent a summer being an absolutely terrified forest firefighter. 

10. I used to be 6 feet tall. 

11. I love my job. 

12. I'm terrible at math. 

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13. I'm also known as Joaquin Phoenix. Maybe you've seen me in some stuff. 

14. I went to the University of Oregon long enough to get a master's degree and didn't even earn a bachelor's degree. 

15. I would never shave if I didn't have to. 

16. I'm a horrible multitasker, so I email everything in bunches at the end of the week (including this list). 

17. I'm a huge sports fan. 

18. I enjoy fly-fishing. 

19. I'm a terrible fly-fisherman. 

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20. My grandmother started several homes for abused women. 

21. My mother used to drag race competitively. 

22. I grew up in Oregon, right near the Applegate River. 

23. And I passed the bulk of my childhood in a small rural town. There were about 200 people. 

24. My two daughters love to jump on me like a trampoline, and it hurts.

25. I love it when my daughters jump on me. 

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