Vegan Chef Accused of Killing Family Hours After Singing Christmas Carols on Facebook

Anthony Milan Ross
Anthony Milan Ross Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office

Anthony “Milan” Ross, a vegan chef from Phoenix, Arizona, shared an adorable video of himself singing Christmas carols with 11-year-old son Nigel on Monday, December 25. Hours later, the father of two was charged with three counts of first-degree murder. 

Ross, 45, exchanged gunfire with police officers following a six-hour standoff, AZ Central reported. He was taken into custody shortly after 10 p.m. on Monday. 

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The motivational speaker’s estranged wife, Iris Ross, was discovered lifeless outside a Phoenix apartment complex. Authorities later found the couple’s two children, Nigel and 10-month-old Anora, dead inside the home. According to a court document obtained by AZ Central, Ross shot at Iris as she tried to run away from him. When witnesses asked Ross if the victim was OK, he responded “No” and pointed his gun at them, police said. He then went into his apartment where witnesses heard him fire two or three more shots.

Iris’ sister Mary Wogas told ABC that she received a text message earlier that afternoon that read, “I just killed Iris and the kids.” The second message stated that he had used a gun.

Iris Ross with son Nigel and daughter Anora
Iris Ross with son Nigel and daughter Anora Courtesy GOFUNDME

“I knew that man was very unstable. I knew he had a very, very dark side . . . I didn’t know it was this dark,” Wogas told ABC. 

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Wogas claims that Ross began make subtle threats after he and Iris divorced in June. “The man was off his rocker. One minute he was yelling at her, calling her a ‘whore’ and the next minute wanting to tell her he loved her and wanted them to be a family unit,” Wogas told KTLA. “He would also claim that he was working with a voodoo priest in New Orleans to put a hex on her. Just very, very dark, very dark intentions.”

According to Ross’ website, he suffered from obesity his entire life. At his heaviest, Ross weighed 518 pounds, but shed a whooping 300 pounds after discovering a plant-based diet. “I’ve lost more weight than I weigh now. Which is crazy,” he told 12 News in November. Ross said the turning point came four years ago during a trip to Universal Studios when he was told he was too large to fit on the Harry Potter ride. ”[Nigel] started crying. It was at that moment I learned the decisions I was making didn’t just affect me,” he revealed. “Up to that point. I thought, this is me. I have been heavy for so long.”

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Officers did not give a motive for the shooting, which they said they are investigating as a domestic violence incident. Ross is due in court on January 3.


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