Woman Who Pranked Husband About Adopting a ‘Wild Coyote’ Is Pregnant With Rainbow Baby

Kaley Eby
Kaley Eby and her husband, Justin. Courtesy Kaley Eby

Yet another surprise! The Oregon woman who epically pranked her husband about adopting a “wild coyote” on Thursday, December 1, tells Us Weekly that the couple are currently expecting a rainbow baby.

In an interview with Us, 22-year-old Kayla Eby tells Us that the couple, who are parents of son Oliver, 3, are “currently pregnant with our rainbow baby after four losses.”

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Eby and her husband, Justin, made headlines on Friday, December 2, after her Facebook post of a funny exchange between the pair went viral. The trouble started when the Seaside, Oregon, teacher sent Justin, a cranberry farmer, a photo of a coyote pup curled up on a towel.

“I found this cute little dog outside … he doesn’t have tags or anything. He’s kinda scared. What should I do?” Kayla texted her husband. “I’m going to bring him inside. He seems cold. Poor pup.”

Kayla Eby coyote
Kayla Eby’s texts to her husband. Courtesy Kayla Eby

The next photo Kayla sent Justin was a Photoshopped image of the same coyote curled up on the sofa with their son. Justin’s reaction made it clear that he was not amused by his wife’s new pet.

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“I swear to god if you bring another random animal into the goddamn house,” he wrote back. “This is a joke right?”

From there, it became pretty clear pretty quickly that Justin did not realize that the entire conversation was an elaborate hoax. In the pair’s exchange, Kayla continued to aggravate Justin further by suggesting that he was being “a jerk” for getting upset over her furry new pal.

Justin continued to reply in all caps, demanding that Kayla recognize that the “dog” was actually a wild coyote, and to let it out of their home.

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“We currently only have one kitten, his name is Bobo,” Kayla tells Us. “But we’ve had so, so many pets over the years, since I have a habit of finding stray/hurt/lost animals and bringing them home. I always try to keep them, he always says no. It drives him absolutely crazy. I’m currently on a ‘no pets’ ban, so I knew this would get him going.”

Many text messages and profanities later, Kayla finally revealed to Justin that she had tricked him with the power of Photoshop, and the exasperated 26-year-old was not having it. “I F–KING HATE YOU,” he wrote.

“I would just like to add since a lot of people have been on Justin’s case since this blew up: This is the way our relationship is,” Kayla tells Us, referring to commenters who called Justin “verbally abusive” in response to the texts. “We love each other more than words can say, but we also are both very big jokers and don’t take offense to things like these.”

As for how Justin might seek revenge on Kayla’s latest prank, the preschool teacher is unsure. “I know he’s going to retaliate,” she tells Us. “I’m ready! It’s like walking on eggshells in my house right now. In a good, funny way, of course! I’m scared to open closet doors or take a shower or sit down. I know he’s got it out for me. We will see!”

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