‘$100,000 Pyramid’ Contestant Speaks Out After Mixing Up Barack Obama and Osama bin Laden

President Barack Obama, Osama bin Laden
President Barack Obama, Osama bin Laden  Universal History Archive/Getty Images; Getty Images

Evan Kaufman, a contestant on $100,000 Pyramid, came under fire when he confused Barack Obama with Osama bin Laden on the Sunday, August 12, episode.

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During the final round of the ABC competition show, host Michael Strahan asked Kaufman and former Saturday Night Live star Tim Meadows to identify “people whose last name is Obama.” Before a few seconds of silence, Kaufman announced, “bin Laden.”

After catching wind of the backlash, Kaufman took to Twitter to address the controversial moment. “So. This is me below. Racist $100,000 Pyramid Guy. Let me tell you the story about perhaps the most embarrassing moment of my life,” he wrote on Monday, August 13. “I was on $100,00 Pyramid. I’m playing with Tim Meadows, one of my heroes from SNL. My son had been born two weeks prior. I am very tired but excited to win money for my family. We play up the whole tired Dad thing. The producers of the show tell us beforehand, if we get to the final round, to study the questions VERY hard. ‘People misread them!’ They say. They have no idea.”

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Although Kaufman tried to heed the producers’ warning, he succumbed to the pressure. “I make it to the final round … I try and focus. READ THE QUESTIONS CAREFULLY. The first square flips. I breathe. I read, ‘People Whose Last Name Is Obama.’ I freeze. There’s only one. BARACK OBAMA. The man I would have voted for three times! (*H/T Jordan Peele),” he continued. “‘Who else is a famous Obama?’ My brain is racing. I need to list multiple people. I can’t just say Barack. What I should have said was, ‘Michelle, Sasha, Malia, Bo!’ The PORTUGUESE WATER DOG BO!’”

Kaufman then apologized for his mistake and poked fun at the snafu. “And so you have this perfectly viral clip. A clip that is insanely funny. It would be so funny if it wasn’t me … But this just goes to show you that even a liberal Globalist Cuck like yours truly has some inherent racism lurking in my brain. What a disaster,” he explained. “What you don’t see in this clip is me, shocked, correcting myself and saying Barack.”

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Strahan also commented on the ordeal on Monday, responding to a tweeter who urged him to confirm the clip “is not real.”

“It’s real my friend,” the Good Morning America host, 46, wrote. “As they say in sports ‘Film Don’t Lie.’ Lol.”

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