19 Kids and Counting Recap: Josie Duggar Suffers a Scary Seizure

Josie Duggar
Josie Duggar suffered a seizure and was rushed to hospital during 19 Kids and Counting's April 28 episode -- but luckily returned home safe and sound after being treated at the hospital. Courtesy of TLC

Josie Duggar suffered a seizure while filming TLC's 19 Kids and Counting, causing her family to fly into a panic. The 5-year-old was rushed to the hospital after being found unresponsive by her siblings, and it was definitely a tense moment for everyone involved. Thankfully, she returned home safe and sound.

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Here’s how the family reacted during the medical crisis, plus post-honeymoon highlights for Jessa and Ben, and pre-baby prep for both Jill and Anna.

Michelle Duggar Explains Josie's Seizure

Josie was hanging around being generally adorable and awesome, when her older brother, James, noticed that she'd become unresponsive. "He asked her a question, and she didn't really respond," 25-year-old Jana told cameras. "She was just sitting there, staring, and then started jerking. He knew immediately, ‘okay, that's a seizure’ and so he ran and got me."

The episode's director, Scott Enlow, stepped in to assist a terrified Jana before the paramedics showed up, and Josie was eventually taken to hospital and given a CT scan. The littlest Duggar, who was born premature at just 25 weeks, was in and out of hospitals throughout her first year of life

Turns out Josie's seizure wasn't completely out of the ordinary — she has experienced them before. "One of the little glitches for Josie is that if she runs a fever she does have a tendency to have febrile seizures," Michelle explained later in an interview.

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Little Josie’s parents were away at the time of the seizure documented on the show. "There was nothing we could do from where we were except for pray,” Michelle said. Fortunately, Josie ended up returning home in tip-top shape.

The Honeymoon's Over

Jessa and Ben came back from their European adventure this week (#neverforget when they were attacked by pigeons), and Jessa settled into domesticity by whipping up "chicken with a creamy cheese type of sauce" for her man. Her dinner was a slight fail (she cooked her oven manual!), but Ben barely noticed. "Going from no kissing before our wedding day, and then all of a sudden kissing and living together? I don't think it's too difficult," he said. Sounds like someone's smitten!

Meanwhile, In DC…

Jill and Derick got some valuable parenting tips from the D.C. Duggars (aka Anna and Josh) this week! While Anna and Jill made inspiration boards, the boys hit up the store with #Janna's brood so Derick could get some parenting practice. "I've definitely observed kids from a distance before, but it's been really good being in Jill's family," Derick said. This father-to-be seemed like a natural, so we're thinking he's ready for Daddy Day Care.

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Anna and Jill Prepare For Motherhood

Jill and Anna Duggar were anxiously anticipating the arrival of their mini-mes this week, and while Jill had the support of her insanely huge family, Anna was all by her lonesome in DC. "We're in a completely different area of the country," Josh said. "This is not really home for us, so I think we're a little bit worried [about] how's this going to work out… we don't have all the support network, family near-by, and all the things that we take for granted."

Jill welcomed baby boy Israel Dillard on April 6, while Anna is due in July and hopes to give birth in the comfort of her own home.

19 Kids and Counting airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.

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