25 Things You Don’t Know About Me: Al Roker


Al Roker, 56, (Today airs daily at 7 a.m. and Wake Up With Al is on The Weather Channel daily at 6 a.m.) shares the 25 things you don't know about him with Us Weekly.

1. I am extremely shy.

2. I am an animation freak and own more than 100 original cels.

3. I don't like coconut.

4. I hate when you hold a door open and people don't say "thank you."

5. I am the oldest of six kids.

6. I think Brian Williams is one of the three funniest people on the planet.

7. My wife, Deborah Roberts, has a wicked sense of humor.

8. I miss my parents every day.

9. I refuse to go to horror movies.

10. I love riding trains.

11. Even though I lost 140 pounds, I still think of myself as fat.

12. I am Willard Scott's love child.

13. I would give half my possessions to find the portal to Toontown.

14. I like pie.

15. I hate running.

16. I run so I can eat pie.

17. I've written cookbooks, books on fatherhood and mysteries.

18. I'm very subtle about plugging my projects.

19. I can still fly into a rage when, in broad daylight, wearing a suit, I get passed up by a cabdriver.

20. My two favorite candies are York Peppermint Patties and PayDay.

21. Fun-size candy bars are no fun at all!

22. I own all five seasons of the A-Team on DVD.

23. I find it hard coming up with 25 things people don't know about me.

24. But I'm pretty good at padding out this list.

25. I am Lenny Kravitz's cousin. By admitting this in public, I forfeit a monthly stipend to keep this fact quiet.

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