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25 Things You Don’t Know About Me: Maury Povich

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Maury Povich, 72, (his talk show, Maury, airs weekdays) shares the 25 things you don't know about him with Us Weekly

1. My real name is Maurice.

2. I began my career 50 years ago on the radio as a sportscaster.

3. In golf, I have a 2 handicap.

4. I've been golf buddies with president George W. Bush for 30 years.

5. I was a batboy for the Washington Senators.

6. I hate broccoli.

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7. I was fired four times.

8. My favorite movie is Rebel Without a Cause starring James Dean.

9. I never know paternity test results before my audience does.

10. Our strangest show was when a set of twins had two fathers!

11. I've never had plastic surgery.

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12. My father was a sportswriter at The Washington Post.

13. I have been to 49 states. Alaska awaits.

14. I covered the assassinations of JFK and Martin Luther King Jr.

15. I began my catchphrase, "Until next time, America," in 1986 when I anchored A Current Affair.

16. This is my 25th year on national TV.

17. I met my wife, Connie Chung, in 1969 when she was a copy girl.

18. I own a Montana ranch.

19. Connie and I own a newspaper, The Flathead Beacon, in Montana.

20. I would be lost in the business world.

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21. I played myself on How I Met Your Mother.

22. My favorite teams are the Yankees, Nationals and Redskins.

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23. My golden retriever is called Birdy.

24. I love new country music.

25. I would want Jerry Springer or Tyler Perry to play me in a movie.

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