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Best Online Casino: Top 5 Online Casinos for Real Money in 2022


This is sponsored content. Us Weekly is not endorsing the websites or products set forth below. Several casino sites listed in our reviews might not be available in your region. To this end, you might want to go through your jurisdiction’s local laws and rules to have an idea of online gambling’s legality. 

There are mainly two things that come to mind whenever you think of casino betting. One seems to be, “Is betting online permitted?” The second is, “Is gaming on the internet safe?” 

To address your first query, at least in some places, digital gambling is completely lawful inside the U.S. Instead of the gamers themselves, the majority of the regulations are aimed at the websites. 

The answer to the second query regarding the security of casino betting is yes. Nevertheless, as you could expect, there would always be hazards, particularly if you bet on dubious websites. That is why you must perform a comprehensive criminal record examination on any website you are considering using, and you should also read a variety of reviews. 

Check to see if they have a license, learn who performs the audits, and pose inquiries. We are aware that it is a difficult task, and the intricacy is increased by the size of the online gaming market. Based on your preferences, there are numerous digital gambling websites with a variety of games as well as wagers. 

They offer sports gambling, online casinos, wagering apps, cryptocurrency betting, and genuine money sports betting. So, as you can see, your preferred games are available on many online casino websites today. But, it would be prudent to use caution when deciding which online casinos to trust, as some of them are frauds. You might easily lose money to scam sites. 

Going through everything would most likely take up a valuable moment that you can use to earn money. That is why we have put together a listing of the top digital gambling sites for you. Since this is your hard-earned money that you are putting on these websites, our entry requirements are stringent.

Top 5 Online Casino Sites in the Market

  1. Ignition Casino – Overall Best Online Casino for Actual Cash Payouts
  2. Bovada – Most Popular Site for Online Casino Games
  3. Café Casino – Suggested Casino Website for Gaming and Sports Betting 
  4. BitStarz – Best Casino Application for Virtual Slot Spins and Gaming 
  5. Wild Casino – Most Reliable Virtual Casinos for Genuine Money Games

#1. Ignition Casino – Overall Best Online Casino for Actual Cash Payouts


Ignition Casino can be considered a newcomer to the scene. It has not had quite as much experience as its rivals in the market because it only began in 2016. Yet, Ignition’s most striking feature is just that. Ignition Casino created a first-rate online casino with such a bright future within a short amount of time. 

Now, when this website was being designed, U.S. players were primarily in mind. However, players from those other nations can also register. 

The validity of Ignition Casino is undeniable. The business partners are from reputable gaming firms that have a successful track record. The website offers its users over 300 thrilling sports with the potential to win actual cash and enormous rewards. Blackjack Poker, as well as slot machines, are a few examples of games. 

Because Ignition’s doors opened early, around 2016, it has been reshaping the online gaming industry. So, enabling it to be our top casino for genuine money gaming was an easy decision given its good track record. This fantastic casino game variety can compete with Nevada or New York City, as well as year-round casino games. 

Selecting the “Join” option is the first step in registering for an account at Ignition Casino. You would have to fill out a short form with some of your personal information to achieve that. 

Your surname, birthdate, residence, contact information, passcode, country of birth, as well as mother’s maiden name would need to be entered. When you have completed that, all you need to do is create an account so you can make your initial deposit. It only requires a little time to complete the entire process. 


Modern Technology 

The website has an intuitive user experience that is simple to utilize, even for new users. Additionally, each subject has been thoughtfully arranged in an approachable manner. It might be what distinguishes them from many other websites that provide comparable services. 

Mobile devices like tablets and smartphones can also access the website. Regrettably, not all of the games available on this site are supported by the mobile version. 

Mobile Accessibility

Ignition Casino’s website is responsive to mobile devices because of its superb design. The main drawback to smartphone participation is that there will not be many more games available, but you can still play. 

Want to enjoy your preferred genuine money games all the time at once? With its mobile-friendly gambling website, Ignition Casino allows this to happen. Any internet-capable device, including Android and iOS devices, can use the smartphone casino site. 

However, the system does not have a smartphone app available right now. With some minor visual adjustments, the webpage is an exact duplicate of the desktop version. You would continue to have access to the whole casino gaming options, allowing you to bet from anywhere you choose. 

Various Banking Options 

With Ignition Casino, you may deposit money and retrieve it using seven different banking methods. Every one of their common payment options is accessible, and they include online banking, Bitcoin, and wire transfers. Therefore, making deposits and payments should be rather simple. 

Bonuses and Promotions 

As a gamer, you have to take advantage of the numerous incentives and benefits. Ignition Casino’s marketing deals and incentives are among the greatest in the business. 

You could get going right away with a sizable cashback reward of 150% investment return up to $1,500 for cryptocurrency payments, and the perks do not just apply to new members. 

Returning gamers will appreciate how substantial the Ignition Incentives Program is. At the Ignition Casino, customers can earn credits for betting on casinos that could be exchanged for extra cash. 

Exceptional Casino 

You may bet more than 300 slots whenever you register with Ignition Casino. However, the casino games are excellent despite the small amount. 

Slots games, including American Roulette, Blackjack, and Tri-Card games, are just a few of the games you may play on the Ignition Casino webpage. 

Additionally, the website provides specialty games, slot machines, as well as a video poker machine. If you prefer to play casino gambling, you might even desire to browse their Poker Room. 


  • Accepts U.S. players
  • Numerous freebies
  • $1,000 welcome bonus
  • Bitcoin payments accepted
  • Customer-friendly website 
  • Mobile compatible
  • 24/7 outstanding client service 


  • E-wallet financing options, including PayPal and Skrill, are not offered 
  • Could house more games
  • No formal permit

=> Click here to visit the official website of Ignition Casino

#2. Bovada – Most Popular Site for Online Casino Games


Bovada is among the most popular gambling alternatives for gamblers, having been in the business for more than 15 years. Bovada is a fantastic choice for you due to a number of factors. First, it provides more than 30 live casino games, which seem to be fantastic. As a betting site, Bovada has already been in business longer, from 1986. 

Nevertheless, the first wager was not placed until 1996, and they were the first business to provide internet betting to the marketplace in 2000. Currently, the business operates a well-known online casino. 

They have provided their betting services to devoted internet gamers for more than ten years. They have built strong relationships with their clients throughout this duration and are renowned for having a decent assortment of digital games as well as the greatest customer service. 

If you enjoy betting on sports or perhaps both, you must visit this website and play several of the top games they have to offer. 


Rewards and Bonuses 

Bovada provides all of its customers with perks and benefits. They start out by giving new customers who make their minimum payment an incentive of more than $5,000. 

Additionally, they provide a 100% incentive for the following three financial transactions. First, cryptocurrency users receive bonuses of around $9,000 in cash and 5% of their purchases in Bitcoin. The option for customers to convert these points into cash helps them work toward larger prizes. 

Consumer Assistance 

Bovada provides the greatest and most knowledgeable client service. However, if you read online customer evaluations, you will find that most people only have positive points regarding their products and services. It demonstrates their reliability and credibility as a result. 

Gaming Options 

More than 200 gaming activities in various genres are available to customers here on the Bovada website. The most prominent genre is undoubtedly sports, which includes games like football, NFL, horse racing, and kickboxing. 

Prop Builder is a special characteristic of the website that is not seen anywhere else. Customers can customize their bets using this tool, increasing their chances of earning actual money. Casinos, blackjack tables, and video poker are some additional genres that are offered. 

Mobile Device Compatibility 

Bovada provides its customers with safety and ease by offering a mobile-friendly website that enables them to continue playing their preferred games whenever it is convenient for them. Moreover, any handheld device, like a tablet or phone, can also support their mobile application. 

Financial Options 

To better serve their vast spectrum of clientele, they provide a choice of banking options. Deposits made with online banking, either with a Visa, MasterCard, or Express card, are among the common and readily accessible banking methods. 

Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Dogecoin are examples of cryptocurrencies, and you can straight wire using PayPal, Western Union, or check. 


  • Established digital gaming and gambling
  • Worthwhile incentives provided
  • Wide range of payment methods 
  • Mobile app offered
  • More than 30 virtual dealer casino tables available
  • Intuitive website interface 


  • No mobile banking options
  • Limited range of games due to being an athletic-focused website

=> Click here to visit the official website of Bovada

#3. Café Casino – Suggested Casino Website for Gaming and Sports Betting

Cafe Casino

Café Casino is a well-regarded online casino that is generally based in California. The website has been inside the gambling industry right from 2018 and, over time, has developed into a widely regarded online casino. It is well known that Café Casino has the greatest user experience and provides some of the greatest incentives and awards to its customers. 

They have consequently become a popular option for many ardent online players. Despite being known for its betting, Cafe Casino also has an amazing casino component with a variety of upscale gaming alternatives. 

With a decent assortment of games, generous incentives for prospective and current participants, and a general excellent gaming experience, Cafe Casino has established itself as being among the top casino sites since its inception in 2018. 

Unfortunately, Café Casino does not provide in-application mobile networks, in contrast to most of the other websites featured on this listing. Therefore, to enter their mobile digital games, you would still be required to look for the webpage inside your browser application. 


Gaming Options 

On the Café Casino website, every player has internet gaming. The website offers a wide selection of entertaining online casino games, including slots, card games, Blackjack, table games, and many tournament streams in various genres. 

Rewards and Bonuses 

All new customers are entitled to a welcome gift, which Café Casino gives in a variety of different incentives and bonuses. 

Players that make deposits into their accounts using cash or cryptocurrencies also provide a number of additional bonuses. Because of its devoted VIP gamers, the website also provides a variety of promotional incentives. 

Authenticity and Eligibility 

Since Café Casino has been around for a while and players are aware of their great services, it is a favorite among fervent players. 

However, due to their strict regulations, Café Casino is only able to offer its services within the United States, and even inside the U.S., they only function in a few areas. 

Financial Options 

To serve its customers, the platform supports a variety of deposit methods, including interbank wires, Bitcoin, and credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, or American Express) — all of which are free of charge. 

The sole distinction between these choices is the frequency of the operations. Additionally, they have the individual-to-individual choice. All transfer services include a price that varies depending on the chosen option. 


  • Trustworthy online casino 
  • Variety of gaming possibilities 
  • Accepts a number of deposit methods
  • Fluid and efficient user interface


  • No mobile app
  • Withdrawals frequently incur fees at varying rates 
  • Only accessible to customers in a few locations in the United States

=> Click here to visit the official website of Café Casino

#4. BitStarz – Best Casino Application for Virtual Slot Spins and Gaming


An Irish-based internet gaming business called BitStarz was founded in 2014. They are ideally suited for gamers that wish to conduct business using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin as well as other widely utilized altcoins because they are a renowned cryptocurrency-based corporation. 

In the period they have been in operation, the website has effectively established a name on its own as one of the most reputable online casino websites. Additionally, they have been praised for providing the greatest and most competent customer service. There were cryptocurrency casinos prior to BitStarz. 

Most, though, were confined to the periphery. With BitStarz’s entry into the market, the genre was essentially made mainstream inside casino betting. In 2021, BitStarz established a good image as one of the top Bitcoin casinos available now. On the website, hundreds of individuals have had a great time playing, and there are tons of favorable reviews to prove it. 

Furthermore, you could be sure that when you participate and wager virtual with BitStarz, you are doing so safely. The Caribbean Commission for Casinos, a reputable gambling organization, has granted the website a license to operate as a virtual gambling website. 


Gaming Choices 

The website BitStarz may have the largest assortment of games out of all those included on this listing. There are more than 3,500 games available there, and all of them are specialized. 

Online slots that let players compete for real cash, three-dimensional table games like Blackjack, Sic Bo, Baccarat, and Shootout, as well as a number of live operator games, are just a few of the specializations that are currently available. 

Arrival Rewards and Bonuses 

New customers at BitStarz are frequently given welcome packages. A 100% bonus with one Bitcoin as well as 180 reward spins is offered on the initial deposit. One Bitcoin and a 50% bonus are given on the 2nd deposit. 

The 4th deposit receives a 100% reward as well as one Bitcoin, and the 3rd deposit receives a 50% incentive and two Bitcoins. These benefits are designed to enable users to regularly enjoy a variety of online games. 

Financial Options 

The fact that BitStarz only offers cryptocurrency as a financing option may be a drawback for those players who lack cryptocurrencies and would favor other deposit methods. 

They give their gamers the option to buy cryptocurrency on their website using credit cards, Google Pay, or even Apple Pay in order to assist in combating this. 

Consumer Assistance  

The best client support services are pronounced to be offered by BitStarz. It is one feature that has enabled them to separate out from competing businesses in the same industry. 

Their skilled staff is always available to assist when necessary. Additionally, you may quickly get in touch with them by online chat or email. 


  • Trustworthy online casino 
  • Multitude of game possibilities available
  • A number of incentives and perks offered
  • Top-notch and competent client service group 
  • Efficient system for processing payments


  • No mobile app
  • Not accessible in every state 
  • Only accept cryptocurrencies

=> Click here to visit the official website of BitStarz

#5. Wild Casino – Most Reliable Virtual Casinos for Genuine Money Games

Wild Casino

When you came across Wild Casino, you should have envisioned it to look just as it does. Wild Casino has created a particularly attractive appearance by ingeniously fusing a contemporary look with the wildness of the jungle concept. Additionally, utility is not sacrificed in favor of aesthetics. 

You receive a customer interface that is simple to use. The activities Wild Casino offers are produced by Betsoft and Nucleus, and they have wonderful animations and graphics that make them fun to play. Additionally, you can choose whether to deposit using fiat money or cryptocurrency.

Additionally, since the website is responsive to mobile devices, you could participate from your cell phone. When you register at the Wild Casino, many delectable rewards are awaiting you. 


Attractive First-Time Bonus 

One of the biggest welcome bonuses in the sector is $5,000. However, given that the benefit is relatively substantial, many wonder how useful it may be. But, Wild Casino has already resolved that. 

Five investments are required to receive the incentive, and each investment is subject to its own terms and restrictions. So, naturally, we must bring up the crypto initial deposit incentive. The value of this particular one, which you will earn in Bitcoin equivalency, could reach $9,000. 

Superior Casino Games 

Despite their limited number, Wild Casino offers top-quality slot machines. This is not very shocking given that Betsoft provides the games and Nucleus Gaming provides the technology. 

Collectively, these businesses elevate Wild Casino to a new level in terms of both game standard and user (player) experience. You may play traditional pay lines, gaming tables, slot machines, poker machines, as well as casinos at Wild Casino

Numerous Banking Methods 

You have quite a number of alternatives to choose from, including 13 for payments as well as 8 for repayments. The minimum investment might range from $20 to $50 based on the methodology you select, and also, if you use standard banking channels, you can invest up to $2,500. 


  • Supports iOS and Android devices
  • Great customer service and live chat accessibility 
  • Generous sign-up bonus 
  • A selection of financing options 
  • Games of excellent quality with fantastic graphics 
  • Interesting motif of a jungle 
  • Accepts U.S. athletes 


  • Customer service could use improvement
  • In select circumstances, withdrawal costs may be substantial
  • A few fundamental blackjack games are not accessible

=> Click here to visit the official website of Wild Casino

How We Made the List of the Best Online Casino Services

Our goal in compiling this list was to facilitate internet gaming that is enjoyable and secure for players everywhere. 

So, we created a listing of the five most reputable and well-liked online casino websites with the aid of our knowledgeable reviews of online casinos. The experts evaluated each of the recommended sites based on a set of standards. 

Among the variables we examined were:

Website Ranking

Very recognized websites provide outstanding services for the best online casinos. Similarly, you can ensure your security while attempting to have fun and make purchases on reputable websites, in addition to getting a great experience and rewards. 

We consider genuine money casinos to be serious, which is why we thoroughly examined each one to assure they are taking every necessary security measure to protect you, your cash, and your private details.

Various Games for Real Money 

Players that engage in online casino gaming do so with the intention of making money in addition to enjoying themselves. 

Consequently, we only took into account websites that promised players a variety of gaming alternatives and the capability to withdraw real money. The choice of sport is another crucial element. 

Financial Options 

Numerous banking alternatives are available at various online casinos. Nevertheless, in order to reduce the cost and time while making deposits and withdrawals, we urge you to adhere to the techniques you are familiar with. 

In order to reduce the number of options, we also took into account factors like transaction costs and investment amounts. In addition, we considered the payout pace, which should be quick and secure. 

User Encounter 

Playing a digital game from a website that frequently experiences technical issues would be disappointing. So, we took into account the overall customer experience of utilizing these casino sites when compiling our rankings. 

In addition, we considered websites with easy and straightforward usability, and they got extra points if they offered a mobile-compatible and customer-friendly site. 

Testimonials from Athletes 

Finding out what customers had to comment on concerning each of the online casinos we were looking at was helpful. 

To better grasp what to anticipate when utilizing these gaming casino sites, we read a number of reviews. From the evaluations, we limited our ranking down to the best five websites.

Security and Safety 

It goes beyond simply enjoying yourself when playing games at online casinos. Since they resemble genuine casinos in most respects, genuine money is already on the line in this situation. 

Therefore, websites must show their customers they care by going above and beyond to secure their information and revenue. Therefore, we evaluated a site’s security, and we also used secure payment methods when compiling our list. 

Consumer Assistance 

We took into consideration websites with excellent client service when compiling our list. Clients must be certain they will receive the assistance they require if/when they do. 

Therefore, when conducting our investigation, we looked for ways for players to contact these websites’ customer support departments. The three most popular methods of communication were live conversations, mail, and phone.

Buying Guide


Ensure you perform your research and choose reputable web pages before you start playing online poker. Review ratings from reliable websites, and check their history. 

Do not merely click on the first website whose advertisement catches your eye. You can wind up with a negative experience or, even worse, give criminals access to your critical information. 

Rules and Regulations 

There are frequent terms and restrictions, particularly when promotions and bonuses are involved, so it is important that you carefully read these contract terms. 

The print contains a wealth of useful information that can really spell the difference between generating excellent money and losing everything. 


Establish a quota for your betting endeavor prior to your start, and adhere to it. In actuality, it appears challenging, but it is doable. 

The only way to control your economic losses and raise your likelihood of succeeding is to create a budget. Moreover, since we are already here, pick up some shrewd play. 

For example, let us say you have a quota and decide to start spending $50 overall. Going to $10 slot spins is not a good idea. You will not have cherished your time because you will soon start losing money. Then, you would have to go above your budget as a last resort. 

Study First, Then Learn the Fundamentals

There are countless games inside the casinos, and each possesses its own rules. You will undoubtedly fail if you do not follow these guidelines and enter the game blind.

Sports not only possess their own regulations, but they also have the highest winning tactics. Therefore, learning the guidelines as well as the techniques would be beneficial. 

Banking Options Matter

What choices do you have for depositing money and withdrawing it? For understandable reasons, transactions at the majority of online casinos happen quickly. 

However, outflows could take a little time. But, certain online casinos are quicker than others. So, you should take that into account as well, and stay away from casinos that require a very long time to pay out wins.

FAQs: Everything You Need to Know About Online Casinos

Q1. Is There a Big Secret to Betting Slots Digitally? 

The concept that digital slots are completely random is remarkable. Therefore, you do not necessarily need to acquire skills to succeed at them. Nevertheless, you may arm yourself with some knowledge that will increase your opportunities of succeeding. 

Having said that, you must keep a few pointers in mind when betting on slot machines. To begin with, make absolutely sure that you only select the appropriate position at all times. For your benefit, you should choose gambling machines with strong Return to Player (RTP) percentages. 

Therefore, make sure to verify carefully before your games. Additionally, you should practice and focus on the potential contributions so you can comprehend them. Lastly, you will need to be diligent during the procedure and pay more attention to lower jackpots. 

Q2. Do Online Casinos Cheat? 

No, casinos on the internet do not lie, as both the danger and the profit are too great for them. First, there is something known as a residence advantage at every casino. 

Casinos can avoid cheating since they always prevail in every game. The house always has the advantage, particularly in cards like Blackjack and roulette. 

Secondly, the return percentage that pertains to slot machines is something you have probably heard of. In other words, if video poker has a 97% payback percentage, 97% percent of players would win, whereas 3% revert to casino. 

Lastly, as we already indicated, cheating obviously is not worth it since the casino would indeed be exposed, which would result in the demise of that enterprise. 

Q3. Are There Really Any Issues with Legalized Virtual Gambling Inside the United States? 

The gambling regulations in the U.S. are subject to frequent changes. Currently, it is unlawful to operate your own betbooks, gambling rooms, and casinos inside the U.S.  

Online wagering, however, is permitted for U.S. citizens only. In addition, the present administration has allowed individual states to enact internet gambling regulations as they observe properly. 

Conclusion: Beware Before Getting into Betting Through Online Casino Sites

We undoubtedly do not need to inform you that betting involves dangers if you are old enough to play online. Betting is not a way to accumulate wealth, and gambling is not the answer if you are in a tight financial situation. 

Finding strategies to improve your earnings and making smart investments are preferable. Gambling is enjoyable, and you may occasionally succeed with a little skill. But, it is still a game of chance.

Finally, because it is unlawful, we do not support internet betting by anybody under the age of 18. Therefore, the websites included in this assessment are just for people who are at least 18 years old.

Are you suffering from a gambling problem, or do you know someone that does? If so, it’s crucial to call the Gamblers Anonymous at 1-626-960-3500 to seek help from one of the numerous advisors on ground. Speaking to these professionals is instrumental in making gambling a safe venture for you and your loved one. You also have to be aware that gambling sites and other related products are for those aged 18 and above.

Several casino sites listed in our reviews might not be available in your region. To this end, you might want to go through your jurisdiction’s local laws and rules to have an idea of online gambling’s legality. Since our reviews are unbiased and geared towards regular players’ needs, we may receive a commission for casino site features. However, this doesn’t affect our online casino ranking as we always make concerted efforts to bring to you sites that deliver a wholesome casino experience at all times.

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