5 Things You Don’t Know About Bachelor Ben Flajnik


Ben Flajnik is ready to fall in love again!

As the 29-year-old Sonoma, Calif., winemaker dusts himself off after being jilted by The Bachelorette's Ashley Hebert and prepares to begin his own search for love on ABC, Us Weekly uncovers five fun facts about Flajnik.

1. He harbors no ill will toward ex Hebert — really! Though the dental grad made Flajnik get down on one knee and propose, knowing full well she'd choose J.P. Rosenbaum instead, Flajnik says he's grateful for her dismissal. "I had genuine feelings for Ashley," he has said, crediting her with helping him overcome issues surrounding his father's death. "I worked through a lot of stuff on my own. I think my self-discovery was something I didn't expect. Ashley was there helping me through all that."

2. Flajnik is a genuine Renaissance man. Studying music production at the University of Arizona, ABC's newest Bachelor later founded a successful internet company, but found his true calling in 2008 when he established Envolve Winery with two pals in Sonoma, Calif. When he's not stomping grapes at the office, Flajnik likes to go crab fishing, sailing, golfing and sing in a tribute band.

3. He may have wined and dined Jennifer Love Hewitt, but don't expect Flajnik to go all Hollywood. "She's a nice girl, but…after this is all said and done, I want to go back to Northern California to my normal life," he has said, adding that the actress pursued him over the summer. "Ending up with a Hollywood celebrity is not something I ever imagined doing."

4. A member of the Delta Beta Chapter of the Beta Theta Pi fraternity, Flajnik was a party animal during his college days. In 2003, Flanik was reportedly busted by campus police for underage drinking at a house party. "I understand that they're doing their job and trying to keep people safe, but the fact there were 50 some odd police officers here to break up one little college party is a little ridiculous," Flajnik told the KOLD local news at the time.

5. His secret nickname is "Storm Horse." A fan of the San Diego Chargers football team, Flajnik told San Diego's 91X radio station he goes incognito at team tailgate parties with other fans dubbed the "Frightening Lightening" crew using the pseudonym.

The Bachelor premieres Monday, January 2 at 8 p.m. (EST) on ABC.

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