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A Deadly Adoption Recap: 9 Best Tropes from Lifetime’s Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig Parody

Kristen Wiig and Will Ferrell in Deadly Adoption
Kristen Wiig and Will Ferrell in Lifetime's A Deadly Adoption.

Hands up if you love yourself a campy Lifetime movie? The network is famous for its over-the-top films, and now Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig have gotten in on the action! The comedy duo celebrated 25 years of Lifetime movies in the parody flick A Deadly Adoption (which, by the way, aired after the equally-amazing I Killed My BFF), and we’re bringing you highlights.

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Check out the best tropes from the movie, which was about Sarah and Robert (Wiig and Ferrell), a couple who befriend a pregnant woman named Bridget (Jessica Lowndes) in the hopes of adopting her child. And before you get ready to laugh uproariously, keep in mind that Ferrell and Wiig took their roles very seriously and definitely played it straight. This might technically be a parody movie, but it’s still all kinds of dramatic! 

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1. Oh Hi, Amazing Use of Slow-Motion
How long did it take for A Deadly Adoption to feature some good ol’ fashioned slow-motion? Less than five minutes thanks to Kristen Wiig flopping into a lake, causing Robert to scream in slow-mo and start running in the most dramatic way ever. Someone please do the Internet a favor and make a GIF.

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2. Yep, The Pretty Girl Turned Into A Crazy Murderer
There’s nothing Lifetime loves more than a gorgeous girl losing her mind and trying to kill everyone, and Bridget took things next-level! Trope-tastic symptoms of her crazy included exchanging soft curls for tacky extensions, ripping up pictures of Sarah, talking to herself, and –– oh yeah –– faking a pregnancy.

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3. Of Course, Will Ferrell Was Lusting After His Pregnant Roommate
Robert might seem like the perfect guy, but please, he exists in a Lifetime movie. It wasn’t long before this “family man” started checking out Bridget, and we were gifted genre-approved moments like the camera slowly panning up her literally heaving bosom, not to mention Robert fondling some of her neglige.

Jessica Lowndes in Deadly Adoption
Jessica Lowndes plays the crazy Bridget/ Joni in A Deadly Adoption.

4. Creepy Lake? Check! 
As we all know, lakes are up to no good –– and the appearance of lakes in a Lifetime movie? That can only mean one thing: Someone’s about to die. The lake in A Deadly Adoption was bad news from the beginning thanks to Sarah falling in it, and we were gifted plenty of ominous shots of the stagnant water throughout the film. This set up the movie’s final sequence: When Robert overcame his fear of boats and saved the day.

5. Uh-Oh, Sick Kid Alert
Robert and Sarah have a diabetic child named Sully (yep, that’s right), and she spent most of this movie in various states of life-threatening danger. First, the poor thing was almost run over by Bridget’s thuggish boyfriend, then Bridget casually kidnapped her, then she had a diabetic attack, and finally she was held at gun point. Lesson learned? Nothing good can come of being a child in a Lifetime movie. Also, thugs don’t know how diabetes works.

6. Don’t Worry, There Was An Expendable Friend Who Lost Cell Phone Service
Like any good Lifetime flick, A Deadly Adoption featured a good-natured expendable friend who decided it was a good idea to search for Sully (Spoiler alert: It wasn’t) and ended up dead in the backwoods without cell service. Because why call the police when you’re busy living out a trope? 

7. Hark, a Cat-Fight!
It just wouldn’t be a Lifetime movie without a cat fight. As expected, Bridget and Sarah went claw-to-claw, and then (in a shocking twist, no less!) Bridget revealed that she was pregnant with Robert’s baby and lost the child. Apparently, she’s never seen any Lifetime movies about pregnancy prevention. 

8. And Finally, A Fake-Out Death
You’d think Robert would be stone cold dead after being shot twice by Bridget, but nope. Instead he miraculously woke up and walked out of the house like his bullet holes were NBD. He also found the strength to pick up his wife’s limp body and save her life, #BecauseLifetime.

9. Six Months Later…
You better believe A Deadly Adoption wrapped up with a “Six Months Later” sequence, complete with Robert, Sarah, and Sully dancing in their kitchen to some cheerful music. The ultimate trope to end on!

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