Ali Is “Under Pressure” to Get Engaged: Former Bachelorette

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Ali Fedotowksy is under the gun to get engaged on next week's Bachelorette finale, season 5's DeAnna Pappas tells

"It's a lot of pressure all around to be the Bachelor and The Bachelorette. I'm sure she'll be glad when it's all over," Pappas, 28, tells Us. "Everyone is under a lot of pressure. It wouldn't be the Bachelor if you couldn't find love in the end."

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Us Weekly has reported that Fedotowksy, a former Facebook ad exec, accepts a proposal in the finale, shot in Tahiti. The frontrunner? Roberto.

"There was only one other person in the history of the show to not find love and not choose anyone," adds Pappas, referring to Brad Womack, who rejected her and Jenni Croft in 2007. (Monday night's Men Tell All special re-aired Pappas' first face-to-face meeting with Womack since the heartbreaking rejection. "It was nice to see an old friend, and talk about everything that happened and let him know I understand," she tells Us.)

"There's a lot of pressure that comes from a lot of people," Pappas goes on. "A lot of pressure that's coming from herself. A lot of pressure coming from the guys. You're sitting there in front of the guys… a lot of pressure not to break their hearts."

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Pappas thinks the finale is going to be the "highest-rated episode yet" because "we really don't know [who she'll pick]. In the past season, we knew Jake was going to pick Vienna. It was the same with Jillian and Ed. With Ali, I think she likes both guys, and there's a lot of chemistry there, but we haven't heard the key words — [just] he's so awesome, he's so wonderful — that she could be with either for the rest of her life… it's a game they're playing with the viewers."

Pappas says she regrets her decision to get engaged to Jesse Csincsak, and hopes Fedotowksy won't feel the same way.

"I would have done many things different," Pappas tells Us. "Living with regrets sucks. I was in a relationship for five-and-a-half months that I completely regret. I would never hope that on anyone else."

One potential regret? Pappas thinks Fedotowksy is "going to have some issues with Frank leaving" to rekindle his romance with a former girlfriend. "I hope they find a friendship there. For a long time, when Graham left, we didn't talk. I was really, really confused and broken hearted. Eventually, we did have that conversation a year later, we got the closure we needed and were able to move on and become friends."

On Monday's Men Tell All special, Pappas thinks that Fedotowksy "handled herself well," despite the guys "cat fighting with each other."

"That was really different than my season. My guys really rallied together and were really, really great friends," she says. "Ali's guys were ready to duke it out with each other over a tattoo or anything!"

The guy who came off the worst: Justin "Rated R," who was reportedly dating two women back home. "The whole situation with Rated R is disgusting. If someone did that to me… I just find it despicable. Ali handled it very well, with respect, as a woman."

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So what's going through Ali's head as she heads into the finale?

"I'm sure she's exhausted. I'm sure she's ready for everything to be out in the open," says Pappas.

Pappas also sticks up for Fedotowksy, who recently lost 15 pounds after seeing her rounder figure on TV.

"She looks great. She looks normal to me," says Pappas. "With the guys, the viewers just want a hot guy. People are so much more brutal to the women of the show. Ali is not a big girl. She looks great. People are so focused on her weight and hair versus who she really is."

"I'm happy I didn't have to go through that," Pappas goes on. "I have pretty thick skin. People can only take the fat comment so much!"

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