Alyssa Milano: She’s Back!

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Prepare to feel old — it's been 26 years since Alyssa Milano made her debut as tomboy Samantha on Who's the Boss. "Hey, the '80s were my prime!" she jokes. Now 37, the native New Yorker plays a lovelorn single mom in the new sitcom Romantically Challenged (ABC, Mondays, 9:30 PM). Milano, who wed L.A.-based ageent David Bugliari in August, talks to

Us: Your onscreen son is 15. That just seems wrong.

And he's, like, a foot taller than me. It is a little odd but no big deal to play a mom. I'm a really maternal, Italian woman, so I kind of mother everyone anyway.

Us: This is the part where I have to ask if you're planning on having kids of your own

Yeah, I mean, we would definitely like to have children. We have no plans to start trying right now. But I want a family, without a doubt.

Us: How is married life treating you?

Getting married is the best thing I've ever done. We live on five acres, and we have horses in the backyard, and three dogs and a beautiful home. We're very blessed and we do a lot of giggling.

Us: I know you're a huge L.A. Dodgers fan. Let's hear some ESPN talk. 

Well, if our pitching staff can keep it together we're going to be in pretty good shape and should be able to take the division. But we have to deal with the San Francisco Giants' pitching and that's going to be tough.

Us: So sad about your ex boyfriend, Corey Haim. Did you guys stay in touch?

No, I hadn't talked to him since I was probably 15 or 16. He was troubled then, as well. And my family tried to help him out a few times. It's just tragic. I'm 37, and my friends are dying.

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Us: You guys both hit it big in the mid-'80s. How do you attribute your longevity in the business?

I think all comes down to your family and how you were raised. And I think all these kids had tough childhoods because of their family situation.

Us: Why did your Charmed costar Shannen Doherty get kicked off of Dancing with the Stars so early?

I don't know. I thought she did such a good job, and I thought it was ridiculous that she was voted off so quickly! Couldn't wrap my head around it.

Us: How have you not been on that show yet?

I've been asked, but I can't do it. If there was an '80s moves with the stars, then I could maybe do it. If it were the running man, I could kick butt. But I could never. I'm not a great dancer.

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Q. Not true! You and Tony once did a tap dance on Who's the Boss. It was great. Don't even deny it.

Thank you for remembering.

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