Andrew WK’s Party Tips

 Atiba Jefferson

How does Andrew WK do it?

The musician and famed party animal has been busy taping his no. 1 smash Cartoon Network series Destroy Build Destroy (the new season runs through October), all while hitting the town every night and retaining his 137,000 and counting Twitter followers with stories of his debauchery. decided to ring him up and ask his biggest tips for partying and handling his busy schedule — and all without a hangover! Can you tell us about your show Destroy Build Destroy?
Andrew WK: The show is in its third season, and it's two teams of teenagers competing for $3,000. The teams blow stuff up and then use that wreckage to build a vehicle to compete with in the final challenge. Whoever wins gets to blow up or destroy the losing team's vehicle. The losing team always walks away with a smile on their face because the spectacle of the explosion is satisfying and cathartic. I find value and meaning that goes beyond the delight of the explosion or the challenge of building. As simple and fun-loving and absurd as the show is, the show wrestles with some of the most elemental facts of existence and deals with very primal elements of life. Creation comes through destruction. For example, you destroy wheat, tomatoes, and the milk of a cow to create a pizza, and then destroy the pizza to build your own body.
Us: Which do you enjoy more, building or destroying?
AWK: I enjoy the explosions because I like to see destruction used purely for joy and entertainment. It creates excitement and happiness. A human being can desire or value an experience, a feeling, a sound, or a vision so it is a great privilege to provide this for people.
Us: Will we hear new music from you anytime soon?
AWK: I am working on my new album this summer. I am working with a lot of old friends and people that I worked with on my earlier albums. There are exciting new people and new territories but the vibe is hard partying.
Us: Musician, TV host, motivational speaker, award-winning nightclub owner…do you have a favorite?
AWK: I don't feel they are separate! They are organically related. My favorite thing is performing, and I get to do that with every one of my projects.
Us: How has social media influenced your partying?
AWK: I am very happy to have every single Twitter follower that I have. Andrew WK is about partying and celebration. It is about feeling your best, assuming that when people are celebrating, they are feeling good. It is about absorbing the best moments and trying to apply it to life. The computer has opened up a new way of partying because there is something about the immediacy where we can party simultaneously and instantaneously around the world at once. It happens to work very well with my visions and interests. I can just send out messages all day that keep us in a happy state of mind.
Us: What is your best party advice?
AWK: Don't let anyone tell you how to party. It is pure freedom.
Us: What is your favorite thing to drink while partying?
AWK. Water is the most enjoyable and it is what I drink the most of. It has never failed. I feel great when I drink water. I tried to go a few hours without water once and when I finally guzzled down ice cold water, it was an out of body experience it was so pleasurable. It is hard to pick something over water.
Us: What is the best cure for a hangover?
AWK: I don't get hangovers. I probably would say guzzle as much water as you can. My dad used to eat a stick of butter before he went out drinking with his friends, but it might just be because he likes butter.
Us: What has been your favorite partying experience?
AWK: The best party I attended was my wedding. We had it at my club, Santos Party House. To be able to share this huge achievement of marriage with my other achievement of building this next to impossible dream come true party house was a beautiful experience. I don't think I can ever top that.
Us : Can you describe your ideal party?
AWK: It is a combination of oblivion and awareness. The oblivion is the feeling of being removed from your normal state of mind so you can tune into what you want to be thinking, which is awareness. There needs to be enough oblivion to block out all the stress, drama, and fears. When you reduce the nonsense, you can focus in on what really matters.  You get to fathom and enjoy yourself and your emotions, feelings, thoughts, ideas, dreams and hopes. You want to hold onto that moment and remember that you had fun.
Us: Who are your favorite girls to party with?
AWK: I love partying with my wife Cherie Lily because she is my role model. She has the best attitude and her enthusiasm, curiosity, and excitement about the world is incredible. I also like girls with beautiful smiles and ice queens. I just want to enjoy their beauty, charm, kindness, and sweetness.
Us: Who are your favorite celebrities to party with?
AWK: I recently partied with Ke$ha. She is extremely cool and super nice. She gave me a tattoo that night, which was a spontaneous decision that was easy to make in the party atmosphere. She has a professional tattoo gun. Right there at the bar, she extended the tattoo I have, using a safety pin and ink from a ballpoint pen. Days later, the tattoo got infected and I had to go to the doctor. It faded so she needs to re-do it.
Us: Who are party killers?
AWK: They are the people who demand others to have fun the way they want. Fighters also ruin the party and the vibe, especially when the cops show up, then its over. You have to let the party go with the flow. Music can be a buzz kill and is often overrated. The music can either serve as the center point and can clout out other opportunities or can be overpowering to the point where you can’t hear anyone. There needs to be a perfect balance of moving parts: the staff, layout, lighting, music, and food.
Us: What is the best music to play at a party?
AWK: All kinds of music. I love to mix it up. When you give people what they want and surprise them it keeps them guessing and curious but also allows comfort.
Us: When is the best time to leave a party?
AWK: I like leaving on the later side because I like staying up at night. People should leave as soon as they feel like leaving. I never stay too long. I follow the instinct.
US: How should you behave at a party?
AWK: Very nicely and kindly.
Us: Have you ever has a bad partying experience?
AWK: I had some scary experiences due to fighting. Bad parties usually occur at house parties where there are no bouncers or security. The worst party I attended was a house party where a huge fight broke out. The guys tore the stairs out of the house and threw bikes through every piece of glass. The fight started because there was a guy hitting on someone’s girlfriend. It was unbelievably stupid.

By Ian Drew for Us Weekly. To read more of Ian's blog, click here.

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