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‘The Bachelor’ Recap: Nick Viall Begins Bloodbath After ‘Disaster’ Group Date — Does Corinne Go Home?

No one ever said dating multiple women is easy. On the Monday, February 6, episode of The Bachelor, Nick Viall went on one eye-opening date (with Kristina) and two bad dates (with everyone else). But the emotionally draining days were worth it (for Us) because we got to see Corinne interact with the St. Thomas version of Raquel!

Taylor Clings On

Taylor returned to tell Nick the same things she told him before he sent her home, you know, because she genuinely cared about his happiness and didn’t care at all about Corinne’s fate. Nick told Taylor the same thing he tells every woman who confronts him with a concern: “I very much appreciate you taking the time and I’m hearing what you’re saying.”

Anyway, bye, Taylor! Nick rejoined Corinne and she breathed a huge sigh of relief as he told her everything she wanted to hear about his heart and offered his rose.

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The Shortest Rose Ceremony

Nick canceled the pre-Rose Ceremony cocktail party because he knew what he had to do. Corinne, Danielle M. and Rachel already had roses, and Danielle L., Jasmine, Kristina, Raven, Vanessa and Whitney joined the club.

Alexis, Jaimi and Josephine were left rose-less. He gave Alexis the most honest goodbye of the season (“You already know you’re incredible”), leading Us to speculate she and her “dolphin” costume are strong contenders for Bachelor in Paradise.

The remaining women and Nick headed to St. Thomas, which is “the perfect place to fall in love” and “the perfect place to send people home,” according to Raven. Nick was hoping to do the former, but ended up focusing on the latter. We’ll get there.

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Kristina Dives Into Childhood

Kristina got the only one-on-one date on the island, and six weeks in finally got the chance to tell her life’s story, starting with the number of siblings she had. (That’s eight in her adopted family, plus one sister still in Russia.) Still, the couple kept things fairly light during the day by relaxing and taking a dip in the water.

That night, Kristina opened up about living in Russia as a child. She recalled her last memory of her mother from around the time she was 5 years old. They didn’t have much, and one day her mom left her alone for a full day, instructing Kristina not to eat until she returned. Since a kid can only last so long without food, Kristina caved and ate the one thing she could find: a lipstick. When her mother came home and learned what she did, Kristina was kicked out of the house. She lived in an orphanage until she was 12, when a family from Kentucky adopted her and she left everything she knew in Russia for her new life with a loving family in the United States.

Wiping tears from his eyes, Nick called Kristina a “strong woman” and gave her the rose.

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Raquel Gets a Run for Her Money, or Comic Relief

Meanwhile, back at the penthouse, the Raquel of St. Thomas (also goes by Lorna) arrived and we saw Corinne in her prime. Lorna helped a rabid Corinne do everything she hadn’t been doing for weeks because she didn’t know how: steam her dress, fetch a piña colada and lobster dip and make “sure [her] towels were all comfy” by the pool.

“Anything I need, Lorna is there. She is adorable. I love her. Raquel’s gonna be jealous,” Corinne bragged. It was unclear whether any of the other women took advantage of this blessed gift.

Nick Viall
The Bachelor’s Nick Viall Mitch Haaseth/ABC

A Group-Date Disaster

Corinne, Danielle M., Jasmine, Rachel, Raven and Vanessa were all asked out on the group date, leaving Danielle L. and Whitney with the harsh realization that they’d be on the second two-on-one date of the season.

Feeling thankful, the six women met Nick on a catamaran, which took them to a remote beach. They took shots and drank cocktails, played cornhole and a game of volleyball. More noteworthy: Nick pretended to be a dinosaur, and none of the women were turned off.

During the volleyball game, all the women became frustrated about not having individual time with Nick. Jasmine took it out on Corinne, and pushed her to the ground. (Don’t worry, Corinne laughed about it.) Rachel was ready to go home. Vanessa didn’t “feel valued.” Instead of anyone asking Nick for alone time, everyone quit the game and went their separate ways to pout. Nick deemed the day “pretty much a disaster.”

That night, Nick’s bad luck continued when he realized he had to actually talk to the women about their feelings. (Ugh!) Unfortunately for Jasmine, who had complained nonstop to the other women about her lack of time with the Bachelor, Nick had had enough of the emotions when it was her turn with him. She told him she likes him, but could choke him (sexually) for his lack of expressed interest. Nick wasn’t into that kind of thing and sent her home, though he did “appreciate [her] sharing this.”

Raven got the group-date rose, probably because she complained the least.

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And a Two-on-One Disaster!

Everyone was in “just panic mode,” as Corinne put it, but the dating show must go on. Danielle L. and Whitney met Nick at a helicopter for a casual lift to another beach.

Nick split off with Whitney to stroke her leg and tell her that she was beautiful and calming for him. This seemed like a nice time, until …

Nick was talking to Danielle L. about their chemistry. She told him she saw a future with him, which made him realize he didn’t see a future with Whitney. He immediately dumped Whitney and re-boarded the helicopter with Danielle L., and — learning from past mistakes — left Whitney so stranded that she couldn’t follow them to their next destination.

Back at the penthouse, the women watched Whitney’s suitcase disappear and continued to question everything. Danielle M. said she did not see Nick with Danielle L., and it turned out she was right because …

Just when Danielle L. said she was falling in love, Nick stopped making eye contact with her. He seemed sincerely sorry when he told her that he wanted it to be her, but it wasn’t. He called this his “most heartbreaking goodbye.”

Because he wasn’t emotional enough, right after ending two relationships in one day — and three relationships in two days — and six relationships in three days! — Nick walked straight to the penthouse and his six remaining relationships. Crying, he announced that he didn’t “know if he [could] keep doing this.”

We’ll have to wait until next week to see if any of the women run after their man.

The Bachelor airs on ABC Mondays at 8 p.m. ET.

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