Bachelor in Paradise Episode 4 Recap: AshLee Frazier, Clare Crawley Go to War Over Juan Pablo Gossip

AshLee Frazier and Clare Crawley
On episode four of Bachelor in Paradise, AshLee Frazier and Clare Crawley butt heads after AshLee shames Clare for her ocean dalliance with Juan Pablo Galavis on The Bachelor ABC/Bob D'Amico

Talk about trouble in Paradise! The contestants on Bachelor in Paradise may have signed up for the show to look for love, but this week's episode was more about choosing sides than choosing mates. Since the majority of the drama revolved around a couple of feuds, we'll start with the fighters and then move on to the lovers. Let's recap!

AshLee vs. Clare

AshLee is apparently super conscious of the cameras and how she comes across on TV — but there are some cameras she doesn't know about. She and Zack are having what she thinks is a private chat when she warns him against becoming too entwined with Clare. "I mean, she f—ed a guy in the ocean," AshLee says, alluding to Clare's infamous middle-of-the-night swim with Juan Pablo on season 18 of The Bachelor.

Zack says he doesn't care about any of that but thinks AshLee will regret having said anything when she realizes she was on camera. Sure enough, she freaks out and goes around the house telling the rest of the girls that she said something she shouldn't have said. "It's about time she got caught," Lacy says unsympathetically.

Lacy then tells Clare what AshLee told Zack about her, which of course incites Clare's fury. Things come to a head when AshLee realizes that Clare knows and asks to talk to her one-on-one, friend to friend. "You and I are not friends," Clare replies. "The thing you said to [Zack] was straight-up throwing me under the bus." 

AshLee fakes contrition — she even asks Clare to "hug it out" — but when she returns to the house a little while later, she mutters under her breath that Clare is a "f—ing b—h."

Kalon vs. Everyone

No one is happy when Kalon struts down the beach with a date card and sets his sights on Michelle. A contestant on season eight of The Bachelorette, Kalon was sent home by Emily Maynard after he referred to her daughter, Ricki, as "baggage." Michelle, who is friends with Emily and has a daughter of her own, initially accepts his invitation for a date but later confronts Kalon about what he said and did to Emily. When he shows no remorse, she breaks the date out of respect to her friend. 

Still holding a date card, Kalon goes to his second choice, Jackie, who rejects him outright, and then to his third choice, Sarah, who also awkwardly declines.

On to the love connections! 

Zack, Clare, and Cody

Clare still has eyes only for Zack, but Cody has eyes only for Clare — initially, at least. (More on that later.) Upon arriving in Paradise with a date card, Cody promptly tries to steal Clare for a romantic dinner in Tulum. She responds by telling him she needs to talk with Zack, who isn't nearly as jealous as she'd like him to be. "I feel at this point like Zack's a little wishy-washy," she complains, after a long chat about them putting all their eggs in each other's baskets.

Despite not getting a straight answer from Zack about where they stand, Clare turns down the invitation from Cody, who is so crushed by her rejection that he gives up his date card. He nevertheless continues to pursue her, which forces Zack to step up and tell Clare that he wants to be exclusive. "I want to take us seriously," he assures her. 

Graham and AshLee

Things are going swimmingly for Graham and AshLee this week — that is, until Michelle takes it upon herself to fill Graham in on all the AshLee vs. Clare drama at the pre-rose ceremony cocktail party. Graham is appalled that AshLee would talk about Clare like that behind her back, and sick over the fact that he had to find out secondhand. "In my life, I don't approve of s–t like that," he says of AshLee's gossip-mongering. "I am having serious doubts about AshLee."

Robert and Sarah

Much to Michelle's chagrin, Robert and Sarah continue to grow closer as a couple this week, with a picturesque sailing/snorkeling date that has Sarah so giddy, she's making cheesy "Sarah-dise" puns. "I just feel so happy and so safe with Robert," she gushes. "I feel like a different person."

Marquel, Jackie, and Jesse

Marquel still really likes Jackie, but his date with her is forgotten when Jesse Kovacs, of Jillian Harris' season of The Bachelorette, strolls onto the scene with an invitation for Jackie to join him on a date at Rio Secreto. Lacy thinks Jesse is a player, but Jackie totally falls for his good-guy act. Unfortunately, it is just that — an act. While Jackie is envisioning them falling in love and growing old together, Jesse is just thinking about all the other girls he's going to date once she gives him her rose. "I need to stay, and Jackie's my only shot," he confesses.

Marcus and Lacy

Marcus and Lacy solidify their bond this week when a "heartbroken" Cody, still smarting from Clare's rejection, selflessly gives up his date card to them. (He and Marcus are pals from season 10 of The Bachelorette.) Over a romantic dinner in Tulum, Marcus tells Lacy he hopes his feelings don't scare her away the way they scared "the last person" — Andi Dorfman, he's looking at you! — and then accidentally lets slip that he loves her…after something like a week. Because that's totally not too soon for someone who was ready to propose to another woman just a few months ago.

Cody and Michelle

Michelle was saved last week when Chris left the show with Elise and gave Michelle his rose, but her happiness over his merciful act quickly fades when she realizes she's the only one in Paradise without a mate. She spends most of the week pining for Robert and avoiding Kalon, until a fireside chat with Cody opens both their minds to a potential new hookup.

Kalon and Kalon

Having been rejected by not one, not two, but three women in Paradise, Kalon decides to make Bachelor history by going on the show's first-ever one-on-none date. "After three seasons, I'm finally going on a date with someone I like. It's about time," he scoffs. "This is the perfect place to re-fall in love with myself." After an afternoon of spelunking by himself, he adds, "This is honestly the best date I've ever had. I've found someone I can really spend the rest of my life with."

Rose Ceremony

Graham is still reeling from the revelation that AshLee gossiped about Clare behind her back. As the ladies begin to hand out their roses — Lacy gives hers to Marcus, Clare gives hers to Zack — Graham becomes increasingly stressed and uncomfortable. When AshLee steps forward and calls his name, he responds by — drumroll, please! — walking out on her. To be continued!

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