Bachelorette Ali Freaks Out on Hometown Visit

Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky was a little grossed out to learn that Kirk's dad is a taxidermist on their hometown visit (which airs on Monday's episode).

"Whoa!" she says while covering her mouth as Kirk's father leads her down to the basement, where the walls are plastered with hundreds of stuffed animal heads. "This is my taxidermy work," he boasts. "I bring animals back to life!"

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Says Fedotowsky, 25, after, "Seeing all the animals all over the walls is kind of freaky. And, like, I love animals, but I love them when they're alive." (Kirk's little sister guesses she'll say "Aww, cool!" when she spots the heads.)

Her date with Roberto — whom Us Weekly has reported is the frontrunner to propose to Fedotowsky — went smoother. The two played baseball in Charleston, S.C. "I think a baseball uniform is pretty much the sexiest thing a guy can put on," she says flirtily.

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The former Facebook ad sales exec admits she's nervous to meet Chris L.'s parents. He reassures her, "I wouldn't bring you back here unless I was sure that I liked you, and I was sure that I liked you… I haven't been able to bring anyone back since my mom passed away."

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Frank was the nervous one on their Chicago date. Despite Fedotowsky cuddling with him, he admitted, "This is a very stressful ordeal. There is a lot at stake, so I want my family's opinion. I have been dying to find true love, and I may be looking at it right now, but I am never really confident."

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