Bachelorette Ali: “I’m So Happy” With My Decision


Ali Fedotowksy continues to play coy about if she ends up with Roberto or Chris L. on tonight's Bachelorette finale.

When pressed on Ryan Seacrest's KIIS-FM radio show Monday about her decision, Fedotowksy, 25, says, "I feel so lucky…" (Us Weekly has reported she ends up engaged, and Roberto is the frontrunner.)

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She continues, "I know there's a lot of speculation out there, 'Did she pick Chris, did she pick Roberto, did she pick no one?'  This is what I did, sort of going in: I know a lot of the relationships from the show hadn't worked out in the past and I was like, you know what, when I go in, if I don't find someone that I truly, truly love and want to be with, then I'm not going to pick somebody. I don't want to pick someone just to pick and for show. For me, this is life, I'm the only one who has to live with this decision after the show's over. So, that was a huge thing for me on deciding throughout the whole thing. I've always said that if I was to fall in love with someone, I could only fall in love with one person at a time."

When quizzed if that means she ends up solo, Fedotowksy insists, "No, that doesn't mean that at all."

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She coyly says, "I just want people to understand that my decision at the end came from such a real place and it wasn't because of the show and it wasn't to make anyone happy but me and what I thought was right. I think it was a good decision, a great decision, I'm so happy."

Seacrest says, "I don't think you're with either Chris or Roberto after this conversation." Says Fedotowksy, "Oh, maybe I'm just throwing you off."

Regardless, Fedotowksy says she doesn't regret" going on the show "for a second."

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"If anything, like I felt 'Oh my gosh I'm giving up so much to do the show, I'm giving up everything to do the show.' I learned so much and sort of I feel, what I got from the end of all of this is so great. Now I know what everything is and that's love."

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Whatever happens tonight, Fedotowksy jokes she won't be "pulling a Frank," referring to the No. 3 finalist who left last week for an ex girlfriend.

"Yeah, I will not be Franking anyone because regardless, I will not be leaving Chris or Roberto for an ex-boyfriend," she says. (She also denies that she was "Franking" with Matt Linehart — who has a girlfriend — at a charity event.")

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So who would make the best Bachelor of the group?

"Well, excluding the final two…well, obviously I didn't end up with both of them, so either one of them would be great, depending on which one of them is available, if both," says Fedotowksy. "I think that also Kirk and Craig would be really great too. There were great guys on my season and I think there would be a lot to choose from."

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