Bachelorette Season 10, Week 3 Recap: Andi Dorfman and Her Boys “Make Love” With Boyz II Men

Read the full recap of the first part of week three of Andi Dorfman's
Read the full recap of the first part of week three of Andi Dorfman's season of The Bachelorette. Courtesy ABC/David Moir

Get excited Bachelor Nation—ABC gifted viewers with a double-dose of drama this week with a special two-night event. The first part of the third week of The Bachelorette aired on Sunday evening, June 1, teasing what is to come in the second installment on Monday night.

Season ten Bachelorette Andi Dorfman escaped from Los Angeles this week, opening the episode as she drove to Santa Barbara, a place that she called "unbelievable." Staying at a beachside resort and spa, Dorfman turned up the heat, speaking about the dates getting "a little more serious."

After the show's voice of reason, longtime host Chris Harrison, addressed Dorfman's group of suitors, telling them this week would be a "bit different" as they were heading to Santa Barbara, early frontrunner Nick Viall received the first date card. 

"Nick, let's ride off into the sunset," the card read. 33-year-old Nick V. won the first impression rose during the premiere of season 10, and although he has expressed doubts about the reality dating process, has been one of Dorfman's clear favorites.

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The software sales executive joined Dorfman for a romantic bike ride through Santa Barbara, before spending "quality time" on the beach together. They then ventured for a sunset hike on rocky terrain, where Nick explained his hesitations.

"Any practical person would be skeptical about this," he questioned about the dating show. "Could you not?" When pushed by Andi to open up a bit, Nick V. admitted, "I feel like a 12-year-old boy, I hope it's endearing… I have a crush on Andi. She's really cool and there's something there."

While he was away from the house, Nick's competitors questioned whether he would be the first contestant to finish a one-on-one date without a rose, giving him a "50/50 chance" of making it back.

During dinner together at a courthouse in Santa Barbara, the bachelorette asked her date why he wasn't married when all of his close friends were, questioning simply, "How are you single?" Nick told Andi that he was in a relationship for seven-and-half years but they "broke up a bunch of times." He then met someone and they "actually got engaged for like, a minute" when he was 27, but the relationship ended, explaining his caution in jumping into something new.

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Andi then addressed the rose on the table, acknowledging that Nick received the first rose and that she wanted him to accept his third flower. He did so, leading the couple to kiss and then make out on the balcony of the venue.

"I definitely see potential in Nick," Andi said. "A hundred precent."

Following her romantic one-on-one with Nick, Andi was due for a group date, sending a card to Brian, Marquel, Cody, Tasos, Brett, Ron, Bradley, Josh, Eric, Andrew, Patrick, and Marcus reading, "Let's start things off on the right note." The boys guessed they would be doing some karaoke but they were in for much more. 

Because the ultimate test of a potential mate is his ability to sing with a Grammy-winning group, the men arrived at the Music Academy of the West in Santa Barbara, where they were informed that they would be performing with Boyz II Men. After various bro high-fives were exchanged about the opportunity, the competitors were split into two rehearsal groups to learn Boyz II Men's hit '90s song, "I'll Make Love to You."

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The song brought up sentimental memories for the men, as Eric volunteered, "I'm pretty sure I touched my first butt to 'I'll Make Love to You' in seventh grade."

Opera singer Bradley made a point to remind the group and the viewers about his singing ability throughout the segment, proclaiming, "I'm in my element," and when they were told they would be performing live in front of a large group, adding, "I've sung for thousands of people before."

Fauxhawk-sporting personal trainer Cody was less confident. "I got kicked out of choir when I was in seventh grade," he admitted.

Looking like the world's largest, broiest boy band, the men took the stage, dressed alternately in khaki suits with skinny red ties and navy varsity-striped sweaters with bow ties and baseball caps. In a less-than-stellar performance, the men pulled off a questionable rendition of the hit, with some forgetting the words and Bradley putting his opera spin on the melody.

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Shaking their heads as they watched the performance, the crooners of Boyz II Men said at the end that if Andi was picking her mate on the basis of his pipes, she wouldn't have anyone to choose.

The group headed out for drinks and food after the performance, and Andi said it was one of the best days of her life. She pulled Cody aside first for a chat, admiring his sense of humor and spilling her plan to pull a prank on him. "I'm gonna mess with Cody a little bit," she told the cameras.

She did so by calling him out on "rumors" that he had a girlfriend. When Cody replied that he had been single for the past three-and-a-half years, Andi admitted that she was just trying to pull a fast one on him.

She also connected with former professional baseball player Josh M., who told her that he wanted to kiss her every day. Andi later presented him with the group date rose, saying that he was someone that opened up to her but also made it fun. The affair closed with a group singalong to "I'll Make Love to You," as all 13-person dates do.

The third date card was handed out to resident pantsapreneur JJ, and it read, "JJ, love is timeless." Andi expressed her desire to see what it would be like to grow old with her date, explaining that her own parents have been married for 30 years and she wants a relationship that endures.

"If I get married, that's forever," she said. "'Till death do us part."

She then looked to the future with JJ, telling him, "head-to-toe we are going to become old people together." Cue wigs, full stage makeup, spray-painted wrinkles, and so-called "old people clothes."

"She looks a lot better as an old lady then I do as an old man," JJ said of his date. "She looks like a very sexy old lady. I look like a creepy old uncle."

The two then pretended they were celebrating their 50th anniversary, taking a walk in the park and having strangers take photos of them. They proceeded to swing on park swings together, makeout on a tire swing, and ride on motorized scooters, exclaiming "This is the life!" 

As only grandparents do, JJ topped off the date by pulling a Werther's candy out of his pocket and offering it to Andi. They then ditched their old person get-ups as Andi suggested, "Let's do some dinner as a young couple." After focusing on what could be her future 50 years down the line with JJ, Andi said the night was "more about being in the present together." 

Sitting down to eat, JJ thanked Andi for accepting his "full quirky self." He opened up to the bachelorette, telling her that he was a nerdy kid in school who was picked on for being a dork to the point that his parents chose for him to transfer schools. Andi told JJ that his quirkiness is exactly what appeals to her about him, and offered him the rose on the date. 

"I love the fact that you are so unique and you are such an individual," she told him. "That's one of the greatest qualities about you."

While Andi was connecting with JJ on their date, things took a serious note back at the house. Beverage sales manager Ron received a personal phone call and looked upset as he spoke to a woman named Mary, pushing cameras away. Citing a family emergency, Ron began to pack his bags.

He came into the living room to say goodbye to the men and explained what had happened. "I had a close friend pass away," he said, adding that he couldn't be on the show at this time. He then hugged all the men, said his farewells, and drove off in a chauffeured black car.

Andi acknowledged Ron's hardship at the beginning of the third cocktail party, saying that Chris Harrison informed her of the "unfortunate news with Ron." "My heart just aches for him," she said. "I genuinely care about each and every one of y'all."

Another serious moment took place when Massachusetts-born accountant Dylan opened up to farmer Chris about his personal struggles. He told his pal about his sister passing away because of drugs, and his brother getting "deeper and deeper into drugs" following her death. Dylan told Chris that he got a call one day that his brother was on a respirator and he was later pronounced brain dead. He discussed his feelings that he needed to tell Andi about his hardships growing up. 

Dylan chose not to address the issues at the third cocktail party, which began with Josh, JJ, and Nick already holding roses. Nick showed his growing trust in the process when he got a bouquet of flowers delivered to Andi during the soirée. Unfortunately for Eric, they were delivered during his one-on-one time with the bachelorette, prompting him to exclaim, "I got f–ked by a bouquet of flowers."

While the men had been getting along, tensions boiled when JJ and Josh had a kiki outside of the cocktail party to discuss fellow competitor Andrew. They unveiled that early in the show, he had gotten a phone number from a female employee at a restaurant they were all visiting, and proceeded to brag about it to the men with whom he shared a car back.

The rose-holders decided to confront Andrew about it, telling him that "it comes off as very disrespectful" and questioned whether he was on the show "for the right reasons."

Andrew spat back that he wasn't going to "engage in this" and stormed up to his room and slammed the door, furthering JJ's theory that his concerns about Andrew's character were correct.

"JJ and Josh attacked me cause they see me as a threat," Andrew said, before adding that he would speak to them because "I will give each and every person the benefit of the doubt."

The conversation was far from productive as Andrew said he was handed a number on the second or third night and "that was it" but wouldn't admit to showing it off. He instead tried to laugh it off and called the men who confronted him "lowlifes." 

The rose ceremony began without the scandal being brought to life as Andi expressed her admiration for her suitors and said, "I'm really happy right now… Every single one of you has made this amazing for me so far."

She handed out her first rose of the ceremony to Marcus, followed by Brian, Marquel, Tasos, Cody, Patrick, Chris, Eric, Dylan, and finally Andrew. Bradley and Brett were left without roses, becoming the latest men to bite the dust on Andi's quest for love.

Hairstylist Brett exited first, hugging Andi and wishing her luck on her journey. He lamented that he was "shy and nervous" at first and said he may have had a better chance if he had opened up earlier.

Bradley took it harder, saying a quick goodbye to the Bachelorette star, and beginning to cry as he told the cameras that what he had to offer obviously "wasn't good enough."

Andi ended the night with a champagne toast, telling the men that she had to go with her gut. The early look at Monday's episode offered up tears, yelling, and more drama than one night could've possibly held. Tune in Monday, June 2, to see what happens next!?

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