Bachelorette Season 10, Week 5 Recap: Andi Worries She’s Being Manipulated, Andrew Accused of Making Racist Remark

Bachelorette recap
In episode five of The Bachelorette's 10th season, Andi Dorfman worried she was being manipulated by Nick, and Marquel confronted Andrew about an alleged racist remark Patrick Aventurier/ABC

Bonjour, Bachelorette fans! After a much-needed week off, we rejoined Andi Dorfman and her men on Monday, June 16, in Marseille, France, which—like every other city this show has ever featured—was deemed "the perfect place to fall in love." (If you're playing a Bachelorette drinking game, that's a shot.) This week's dates weren't all about "romance and European charm," though. With the group of potential suitors getting ever smaller, tensions were running high among the men—and things came to a head for a few of our contestants. Let's recap.

The week kicks off with a date card for Josh M., and a little Chris Harrison pep talk for Andi, who more or less admits to the longtime Bachelor host that she's falling in love—and with more than one guy. Enter, Josh. The former professional baseball player can't keep his hands off Andi during their sailing date, and that's just fine with her. "The physical chemistry we have is insane," she raves.

She notes, however, that Josh is kind of the "stereotypical athlete [she's] always dated—and it's never worked out" before. She even brings up her brief attraction to ex-Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis, saying, "With Juan Pablo, there was that [same] chemistry. And oh my God, I could never be with him."

Over dinner that night, the two talk about their past relationships, and Josh gets Andi to see him as more than just a jock. She rewards him with the date rose…and a private concert in the courtyard of the Palais Longchamp. Ah, amour.

Meanwhile, back at the hotel, J.J., Marquel, and some of the other guys are talking about Andrew behind his back. J.J. says that, during the first rose ceremony, Andrew made a comment referring to Marquel and eliminated bachelor Ron as "blackies"— a term to which Marquel rightly takes offense. (His exact words, according to J.J., were, "Whoa, she gave [roses] to the two blackies.")

"Sometimes, no matter how you treat a person, they just have this idea of you," Marquel says in a confessional, clearly shaken. "I hate getting emotional over it, but…it's crazy to think that the first thing people are going to recognize about me is, 'Hey, he's a black guy.'"

Marquel wants to confront Andrew about the situation, but it'll have to wait—the two of them, plus Marcus, Chris, Cody, Nick, Patrick, J.J., and Dylan, are headed out for a group date with Andi. Their date card has no words on it, which turns out to be code for "learning to mime and looking like fools in the middle of a crowded public square."

Dylan correctly observes that "the crowd's not really liking" the show, prompting Marcus to quip, "Americans should never come to France and mime. Ever." Still, he makes the best of the situation and attempts to have fun with it, as do most of the other guys—all of the other guys, in fact, except Nick, who's sulky about having to be on a group date.

Later that night, at the cocktail party, Cody confronts Nick about his "arrogant" attitude, telling him he acts like he's better than everyone. Patrick pipes in, too, saying Nick has a very "smug demeanor" about Andi. Nick admits he thinks he's the front-runner, which sets something off in Cody, who reams Nick for mocking him a few days earlier. Andi, noticing the tension, gets Chris to (kind of) spill the beans about what's going on, and then prods Cody for more information.

Nick, for his part, fesses up to the Cody drama but downplays it to Andi, telling her they've moved past it. She wants to believe him, but as she admits in a confessional, "it's pretty shocking that two of the nicest guys in the house are saying the same thing about him." She worries that Nick is manipulating her, but that worry goes right out the window when he reads her a love poem he wrote. (Side note: Is it a rule that you have to be an amateur poet to be on this show? Save the romantic rhymes for your journals!)

"It got complicated with Nick. It got complicated," she says. "It's like, I want to kiss him because the note was sweet. But am I oblivious to who Nick is."

Back at the party, Marquel is gearing up to confront Andrew about the "blackie" comment. He presents his feelings calmly but firmly, telling Andrew he won't tolerate derogatory remarks about race. Andrew denies that he ever said what J.J. says he said, calling the accusations "complete bulls–t." He's fired up, but Marquel accepts his explanation and walks away from the situation, proving in the process that he's far too normal and rational for reality TV. He probably deserves the date rose, but it goes to J.J. instead.

The next day, Andi meets Brian for dinner and a movie. After watching The Hundred Foot Journey—about a young culinary ingenue who falls in love with a rival restaurateur's sous chef—the two head to a local market to pick up ingredients for dinner. "As cheesy as it sounds," Andi says—and it does sound cheesy—"there's a recipe to great food, and there's a recipe to great love, and I'm trying to figure it all out."

Unfortunately, Brian is not in a cooking mood. He's stiff and standoffish, and clearly out of his comfort zone, which makes for a super-awkward date. "The movie made cooking look so romantic," Andi says, "and this doesn't feel romantic." When she asks him about it later, he explains that he was just uncomfortable—he doesn't know how to cook—but that he wanted to kiss her the entire time they were in the kitchen. "So why didn't you?" she asks, half teasing, half exasperated. 

Poor Brian has no game, but he gets the date rose anyway, and spends the rest of the night making up for lost time. (Note to Bachelor producers: Maybe turn down the microphones a little when they're kissing?)

The following night, Andi sits down with Chris Harrison and tells him her plan for the cocktail party, which is…to not have a cocktail party. "I am very sure about people that are here, and I'm very sure about people that I want here, and I'm very sure about relationships that aren't going anywhere." Asked how many guys she plans to cut, she says, "I think probably three."

Those three turn out to be Marquel, Patrick, and Andrew, meaning Marcus, Nick, Chris, Dylan, Cody, Brian, J.J., and Josh are still in the running. Andrew and Patrick seem a little bitter about having to leave, but Marquel is just sad. He even chokes up a little during his exit interview. "Meeting Andi made me want to love again," he says. "To just be at a place where I'm feeling right now…" he trails off.

Tell Us: Did Andi send the right guys home?

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