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‘Below Deck’: Jen Howell Tells Kate Chastain She Has No Respect — Watch Fiery Sneak Peek (Exclusive)

Kate Chastain is ready to make her girls work! In this exclusive sneak peek of the Tuesday, October 24, episode of Below Deck, she calls Jen Howell and Brianna Adekeye to the main salon for a speed challenge — something Jen is not into.

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“Usually a manager would have a team building activity. This is, like, to each their own. We’re gonna throw you to the wolves and good luck,” Jen says.

Once the three ladies are together, Katie begins giving Brie and Jen specific instructions for the cleaning race. Jen interrupts, saying, “Can I interject?” Kate is not at all happy, responding with, “Do you remember the thing I said about questioning?”

Still unwilling to listen to the directions, Jen answers with, “OK, I’ll just be a robot and do as you say.” Jen answers with, “Robot or respectful, whichever you want to call it.”

Brianna Adekeye Below Deck
Brianna Adekeye on ‘Below Deck’

This is where Jen crosses a line, in Kate and Brianna’s eyes. She goes silent before saying, “Respect? What do you know about that?” Kate answers with, “Lately, I’ve been missing it.”

With that, Brianna and Jen get to the cleaning drill. Kate compliments Brie’s work when she finishes first and then adds “Jen is still f—king going.”

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“I don’t prefer foul language,” she tells Kate.” I’m just stating my voice. I’m a human, and this is civil rights.”

For Brie, she lives by the rule of respect. “If you give Kate respect, she’s cool with you,” she says in her interview. “If you don’t, she’s going to make your life a living hell. Just suck it up and do the work, rather than being obnoxious.”

Below Deck airs on Bravo on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET.

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