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Big Brother 17 Adds Amazing Race Alums: Read the Premiere Night 2 Recap!

big brother recap night 2
Eight more houseguests entered Big Brother in night 2 of the Season 17 premiere.

Still recovering from the first night of the explosive Big Brother 17 premiere? Well catch up, because it’s only getting crazier. Let the games begin!

The two-night event continued with the eight remaining houseguests introduced and host Julie Chen filling them in on the two big twists of the season: The Battle of the Block and #BBTakeover.

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The First #BBTakeover Twist Revealed

After everyone was finally in the house, the contestants got right to it. Sitting down at the legendary Big Brother dining table, they kicked the season off by popping champagne and spilling the tea. Too bad Big Brother cut the harmony short with the #BBTakeover alarm — a reminder that there is no rest in the Big Brother house.

Chen, wasting no time, brought out Phil Keoghan, host of another CBS fan-favorite reality competition, The Amazing Race, to help introduce the first #BBTakeover twist. Since several Big Brother contestants have played The Amazing Race after their stints in the studio, it was now time for The Amazing Race contestants to enter the Big Brother house.

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Keoghan introduced The Amazing Race 26 contestants Jeff Weldon and Jackie Ibarra as the last two people to enter the house. The Florida residents were paired together on TAR as total strangers looking for love on the ultimate blind date, but told their housemates that they were currently just friends.

Jeff and Jackie
Jackie and Jeff from The Amazing Race joined the Big Brother house in night 2 of the Season 17 premiere.

More Standout Contestants

Liz Nolan introduced herself by stating, “I don’t really have a filter, but I know how to control it!” If her career as a Big Brother houseguest doesn’t pan out, she can always give Bravo’s Andy Cohen a call and venture into Real Housewives territory with that tagline. Bonus points: she claims her biggest threat is “jealous girls.” Cue the drama!

Jason Roy is a self-described “Big Brother historian” who still lives in his mother’s basement. He has the boldest and brightest clothes to match his equally big personality and is already an instant favorite. Keep an eye out for this small but lethal player.

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Ever wish that your dentist were also a rock star? Well look no further because contestant John McGuire is exactly that. While his appearance matches that of his professional career, his attitude sure is hard rocking. “It’s hard to find a girl who’s not a gold digger when you say you’re a dentist,” he quipped. Um… sure, John!

Finally, this year’s superfan player can be found in Steve Moses. He is basically a splitting image of Season 14 winner Ian Terry, describing himself as the ultimate Big Brother fanboy and also the kid you cheated off in school. He even admitted that when he was younger, he drew himself with the Big Brother key around his neck. See, kids, dreams do come true!

The Second Head of Household Crowned

While the first Head of Household competition was about the red carpet for a movie — with James the eventual winner — the second was about the actors in the film. The houseguests competing had to hold onto a stake without letting go. Simple enough, right? Well, to make things difficult, they were attached to harnesses that pulled them up the stake until a winner was crowned.

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Because Big Brother is fair in punishment and the first group of houseguests were pelted with tomatoes, this batch of contestants was slimed by alien juice as they were pulled up the stake. Steve was the first to be “abducted by the aliens,” sliding off his stake and out of the competition. “As a super fan, I know being the first knocked out of a competition is not great,” Steve admitted. Good luck, Steve.

The Amazing Race‘s Jeff was the second competitor knocked out, followed by John and Becky Burgess. That left Jackie, Jason and Liz, who was quickly abducted, leaving Jackie to make a deal with Jason that if she let go he wouldn’t nominate her. He agreed, winning the second HoH competition and joining James as the first two Heads of Household of the season. The victory won’t last long, though, as one of them will get knocked down in the Battle of the Block competition right around the corner.

Tell Us: Who should James and Jason nominate for eviction?

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