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Big Brother Aaryn Gries: Julie Chen Confronts Evicted Houseguest’s Racist Remarks

Julie Chen confronted Aaryn Gries about racist comments
As the latest evicted houseguest from Big Brother 15, Aaryn Gries was confronted by Julie Chen about her racist remarks within the Big Brother house during her exit interview

Aaryn Gries is in for a rude awakening. As the latest contestant of Big Brother Season 15 to get voted out of the house on Thursday, Aug. 29, the Texan native was immediately confronted by host Julie Chen about her racist remarks within the Big Brother house — and then some.

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"Being Southern, it is a stereotype and I have said some things that have been taken completely out of context and wrong. I do not mean to ever come off racist," she said defending herself. "That is not me and I apologize to anyone I have offended for that."

In probably the first time in BB history, Gries, 22, was welcomed by several loud boos in the audience once exiting the house. Chen, 43, remained professional, simply reading off direct quotes from what Gries has specifically said during her first few weeks on the CBS show.

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"Be careful what you say in the dark, you might not be able to see the b-tch," Gries previously said, referring to African-American contestant Candice Stewart; "Shut up, go make some rice," she said about Asian player Helen Kim; and "Nobody is going to vote for whoever that queer puts up," commenting on gay contestant, Andy Herren.

"I really feel bad that this is how it has been seen and how I've come across to people," Gries said before saying goodbye. "I don't want to seem like that person and I really do respect everyone in this game, although we have had some really hard times because we’re all fighting for our lives in the game."

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Chen replied: "I hope after you watch the footage, you have a new perspective on things."

Indeed, Gries — though headed to the jury house for now — will be in for quite the shock once leaving the game after the show's season finale in late September. Unbeknownst to her, the reality star has been fired from her modeling agency job due to her racist and homophobic remarks, and her mother has even hired a publicist to help control the situation.

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