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Big Brother’s Elena: My First Date With Mark Will Be ‘Really Gross’ (Exclusive)

Elena Davies doesn’t have high expectations for her first date with Mark Jansen outside the Big Brother house.

“Mark is a hopeless romantic, and I’m cynical and logical, but I did agree to a date with Mark in Dallas,” the Texas native, 26, exclusively tells Us Weekly. “I believe it will be something super cheesy and I’ll hate the whole thing. We’ll probably go to a drive-in movie and he’ll bring a picnic and go on a walk somewhere, or look up at the stars. It’s going to be really gross.”

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Davies and the personal trainer, 26, instantly hit it off — but weren’t always on the same page. Jansen was smitten while Davies didn’t show too much affection. In fact, she has yet to tell him how she really feels.

Elena Davis Mark Jansen Big Brother
Monty Brinton/CBS

“What first attracted me to Mark was his eyes and his smile. So far, the only thing I’ve shared, feelings wise, with Mark is that I like his eyes. I’ve yet to tell him if I have any feelings for him at all, which is horrible of me. I’m still kinda determining that for myself,” she tells Us. “Aside from that he makes me feel really beautiful, special and important, and like I’m a prize, like he cherishes me. I value that.”

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Still, Elena says “there is hope” for the pair in the real world. “I always say I am open to the things the Lord has for me. He really wants to pursue something with me. I didn’t feel comfortable doing that wholeheartedly in the environment of the Big Brother house, but I’m open to trying it outside of the house,” she says. “I think he would be a wonderful boyfriend. He puts me above himself often — just not in that Veto ceremony.”

Elena Davis Big Brother
Bill Inoshita/CBS

Jansen, of course, used the POV on himself when they were both put on the block during double eviction night. Jansen broke down in tears moments before Elena was officially evicted, and the pair had a private heart-to-heart.

“He told me that he had real feelings for me, and he wasn’t expecting to have a showmance, real feelings developed and he has real feelings for me. He can’t wait to see my outside the house,” Davies recalls to Us. “I feel like he dragged me down some. I don’t think I used him in any way for my gameplay. People talk a lot in the Big Brother house about being able to separate what’s personal and what’s the game. Real feelings get involved and there’s no way to not overlap that. That’s why I didn’t want to explore a relationship with him at that time, because I didn’t want game and feelings to get intermingled. Our showmance definitely negatively affected both of our games and I wish that wasn’t the case, but I don’t regret any of my time spent with him.”

For more, read the rest of her Q&A below:

US: Do you regret taking the $5,000 from Alex Ow?

ED: I will admit that the only questionable thing I’ve done in that house, I believe, is taking that $5,000, only because Alex and I did have some kind of agreement before we made it to our final two positions that we wouldn’t punish each other. With that being said, Alex had been talking bad about me, making other people question me and my game, and saying I was her target moving forward. She also put me up as a pawn, and in my eyes, that means I’m the most expendable person in your eye. For me to not take the $5,000 from someone who was coming after me doesn’t make sense.

I guess I did promise that I wouldn’t punish her, but I never promised she wasn’t dumb. She felt like she was more entitled to it than me. If she didn’t want me to win, she shouldn’t have put me on the block.

US: Did you ever think she was going to have a blowout argument with you like the one in the kitchen?

ED: I feel bad for her, I wish that didn’t happen that way, but I don’t think that aided in my being here today. I believe I’d still be speaking with you had I not taken the money. And Alex is in the house making hot dogs right now. It is what it is.

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US: How do you think it’s going to be living in the jury house with Cody Nickson?

ED: I’m not necessarily looking forward to living in the jury house with Cody. Him and I are cool, I’m fine with Cody, but we’re not going to have a ton of laughs in the next seven days. I think we’re both looking forward to some alone time, and to decompress.

US: Who are the three people you want to see walk into the jury house next?

ED: I would absolutely love to see Mark a week from today, because I’d prefer to spend the rest of my summer with him. But at the same time, I’d want him to make it as far in this game as possible and win this thing.

Otherwise, I’d want to see Paul [Abrahamian] for two reasons. I like hanging out with Paul, he’d make the jury house enjoyable. And, I want him out of the game. He’s become super sketchy and everyone is playing his game, and I’m over it. Other than that, probably Matt [Clines] just because he doesn’t even care he’s in the house, he throws competitions, he’s a floater, and I like hanging out with him. We’d have fun getting drunk together.

Big Brother airs on CBS on Sundays and Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET and Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET.

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