Biggest Loser’s 10 Most Memorable Moments of All Time: Series Highlights

Burn baby, burn! To celebrate 10 years of The Biggest Loser, producers of the beloved weight loss competition series put together a video montage of the top 10 most memorable moments from seasons one through 15. Here, Us Weekly exclusively previews the reality show's most emotional scenes ever.

1. Ali Returns to the Show, Season 5

Ali Vincent, the first female winner ever on the show, was nearly booted from her top spot while competing in season five. As seen in the clip above, Vincent was announced by Alison Sweeney as "back in this game" after she had the highest percent weight loss of 28.6 percent.

2. Bob Blows Up at Joelle, Season 2

One of the craziest moments on the show took place in season 2 when longtime trainer Bob Harper blew up at a contestant: Joelle Gwynn.

"I'm not trying to quit!" Joelle claimed to the veteran trainer, which set Bob off. "I'm sick of just words, words, words, talk, talk talk," Bob yelled in response. "Just shut the f— up! Just do it! Stop talking and do it!"

3. Tara Tows a Car Faster Than a Man, Season 7

That strength! Tara Costa, who was featured on season 7 of the show, made history when she pulled a two-ton car faster than her rival. In her confessional, a gloating Tara said: "Catch me if you can, buddy, catch me if you can."

The astounding win resulted in immediate immunity for Costa, who was a finalist on her season of the show.

4. Ron Finishes His First Marathon, Season 7

So emotional. Ronald "Ron" Morelli, who was joined by his then 18-year-old son Mike on the reality show, completed a marathon on season 7 of the show. Ron crossed the finish line in a particularly memorable and emotional moment, with his family cheering and crying with him.

5. Abby Shares Her Story, Season 8

So sad. Abby Rike's story was one of the saddest and most memorable ones ever to be shared on The Biggest Loser. "Two and a half years ago, I had the most wonderful husband, five and a half year old daughter, and a two and half week old son," she told her fellow competitors. "On October 13, 2006, they were all killed in a car accident."

"In the blink of the eye, every role that I cherished was gone," she said while sobbing. "And it was by the grace of God that I wasn't in the van. So I have to believe that I'm here for something way bigger." Rike later went on to pen a book called Working It Out: A Journey of Love, Loss, and Hope

6. Two Teams Get a Second Chance, Season 9

Still going! "I'm here to tell you that it is not over," several contestants were told on season 9 of the series. At first, they were confused, until they realized later that they were really remaining on the show. "No, it's like, not over."

7. Auckland Sky Tower Jump, Season 11

Risky business! Competitors jumped off Auckland's 1,076-foot Sky Tower — which was touted as the Southern Hemisphere's tallest building — in season 11 of the show. Footage from the adrenaline-pumping episode gave a very-realistic perspective of what each of the divers' witnessed on their way down. (Warning: Not for those with a fear of heights.)

8. White House Workout, Season 13

Fitness with FLOTUS! An episode on season 13 featured First Lady Michelle Obama working out and training with competitors inside the White House. "He's so mean," Obama joked at one point to one of the trainers. "Why are you standing by me?!"

9. David Remembers His Wife, Season 15

Season 15 contestant David Brown dealt with tragedy in his early 20s when his first wife died of cancer. "Ever since my girls were young (their mom passed away), we've been writing these love notes," he said on the show. "We tie them off on balloons and let them go every Thanksgiving."

He said he was determined to keep his promise to his late first wife, who was mother two his now-teenage daughters. "By being here on the ranch….I'm well on my way to getting [healthy]."

10. Dolvett Saves Tanya, Season 15

An emotional moment transpired between trainer Dolvett Quince and contestant Tanya Winfield in season 15 of the Biggest Loser. "My mother was heavily addicted to drugs and she was very physical," Tanya told Dolvett one night. "And she had me when she was 15 and I was growing into myself, so there was always a need to mess with my face. Hit me in my face… If someone complimented me, she would hit me in the face. That's basically how I had to live my life."

Tanya went on to explain that she was upset with her family for refusing to rescue her even after she opened up about the abuse. "They knew what was going on, but nobody would save me," she told Dolvett, breaking down in tears. "They could've easily picked me up and taken me with them and allowed me to sit in that environment and continuously be abused."

Later, Dolvett used an opportunity to save Tanya, which led to a cathartic moment for the reality contestant.

Biggest Loser 10 year

Watch the highlights reel above and tune in to The Biggest Loser: Glory Days, Thursdays on NBC at 8 p.m. ET.

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