Billy Eichner Proves Drew Barrymore Doesn’t Know What GMA Is in “Would Drew Barrymore Like That?” Game: Watch Here!

Ever wanted to watch a deranged man scream at Drew Barrymore in the middle of New York? It's your lucky day! For the latest installment of Funny or Die's Billy on the Street, host Billy Eichner quizzed the Blended star in a segment called "Would Drew Barrymore Like That?"

Parks and Recreation star Eichner previously tried out the segment with Will Ferrell, but it was even more comical with the actress herself. 

"You had your daughter like three weeks ago, and yet you're standing here in New York," Eichner said to the mother of two. "So basically, you're like 'Screw them, I've got an Adam Sandler movie to promote!'"

Drew Barrymore and Billy

"That's exactly what I said!" Barrymore declared.

"She'll thank you later when all her friends are working at Burger King, and she's rolling around in your Ever After money!" the comedian quipped.

In the game, Eichner listed items and Barrymore had to say whether or not she would like them. The topics ranged from milk chocolate to hand massages, with each answer more outrageous than the next. 

When Barrymore said she would like cotton, Eichner screamed, "Drew Barrymore would not like cotton! Self explanatory! Get to know yourself!"

However, the two agreed that she would love Cameron Diaz

"Drew Barrymore lives for Cameron Diaz. No one loves Cameron Diaz more than Drew Barrymore loves Cameron Diaz," Eichner declared. "Every day when her phone rings she prays it's Cameron Diaz telling her how much she loves the ocean!" 

Many of the responses were funny, but the best moment happened when Eichner asked if Drew Barrymore would like Good Morning America

Watch the clip to see what she said!

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