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‘Chicago Fire’ Winter Premiere Recap: Who Broke Up?

Miranda Rae Mayo as Stella Kidd on Chicago FireCourtesy of Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Warning: This contains spoilers from the Wednesday, January 9, winter premiere of Chicago Fire.

Talk about putting the fire out. When season 7 returned from its winter hiatus, the drama picked up right where it left off — Casey (Jesse Spencer) was on the wrong end of the flames. In the middle of the night, he woke up, with a half-naked Naomi (Kate Villanova) by his side, to find his apartment up in flames.

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The good news: Thanks to his master firefighting skills and speed, he got them both — and everyone else in the building — out safe and sound. She even took the time to grab her phone (all he files were on it, duh!), while he left the fire in only his PJs. The bad news: Almost everything was ruined.

When he was later let in to see his place in ashes, he did find one item that survived: a photo of him with Dawson (Monica Raymund). How bummed is she going to be when she surprises him with a visit and all her stuff is gone? (Wishful thinking, folks.)

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It didn’t take the couple — who might as well be on Chicago P.D. at this point with all of their investigating — to figure out that who had set flames to his place and nearly killed them. In fact, the pair even tracked down the man who the family hired. Seriously, watch your job, Voight! So, by the end of the episode, the story was wrapped up. At that point, it was also a wrap on their relationship. She, of course, landed a big job after her story and had to leave town. Let’s be honest — it was too soon for Casey, anyway.

He won’t exactly be alone, though. Severide (Taylor Kinney), being the best friend that he is, lent him clothes and invited him to move into his gigantic apartment for however long he wanted. Plus, Casey doesn’t have to worry about Stella (Miranda Rae Mayo) popping in.

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After finding out Severide was right about Tyler — Stella’s high school friend tried to kiss her — she told Severide all about it. But it wasn’t about Tyler. She explained that ever since his dad died, all he did was push her away and he was on a downward spiral. Stella’s been there, done that.

So … party at Severide’s?

Chicago Fire airs on NBC Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET.

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