Colbie Caillat: Rebecca Black’s Music Is “Ridiculous!”

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Colbie Caillat is no joke!

Ever since her "Bubbly" went from Myspace sensation to worldwide smash in 2007, she's won a Grammy and continued putting out chart topping singles and albums (her latest disc, All Of You, just dropped last week). So, of course she has a right to have an opinion about current Internet-born sensations like Rebecca Black's "Friday."

I recently caught up with the Malibu chanteuse, 26, to get her take on all the Black hubbub and her new boyfriend. Can you tell Us about your new album?
Colbie Caillat: The sound is similar to my last album. I love that acoustic, pop feel, the summery vibe. I live in California and I went to Hawaii all my life so I grew up listening to classic rock, reggae, hip-hop and R&B. I wanted to incorporate it all. My fans like me for a reason so there is no point in changing; it just grew a little bit.
Us: How do you think you have grown this time since the last disc?

CC: Musically, I know what I want with production and I know how to express that. The message on this record is to be open, honest, and proud of whom you are. On the last record I wrote about general experiences that everyone can relate to, but these new songs are about specific experiences. For example, the first time I said 'I love you' or sitting on a tour bus, writing little letters on the airplane, and he/she, stuff like that. It was very honest.
Us: Where is all the love and heartache in the songs coming from?
CC: The heartache songs were about a guy I broke up with. I wrote "I Never Told You" after we broke up and I started missing him. I write about what I am going through or what someone I care about is going through. The songs on this record are about the relationship I am in now. My boyfriend and I  have been together for almost two years and I wrote about the ups and downs of us falling in love, the little cute moments together, the fights that we have been in, when I have been frustrated, and then getting back together, just what you go through in life. I expressed that because I felt it emotionally and it came out very easily.
Us: Who are you currently in a relationship with?
CC: His name is Justin Young and he is one of the guitar players in my band. He was in my band two years before anything happened. A year and a half ago we started realizing we wanted to see each other more.
Us: How does that work, working together and being in a relationship?
CC: Surprisingly great. My parents met while working together in Santa Monica and have been together ever since. We have everything in common. He helps me with my music and guitar playing and we warm up together. We go everywhere together. It is like having your best friend with you so I really love it. 

Us: Have you thought about an engagement or marriage or kids?
CC: It is something that we want to do someday. I don’t think there is ever a rush. If he proposed I would be very excited and I would be happy. I want kids in the future, but I am not ready yet.
Us: Does the beach inspire your take on fashion?
CC: Where I live it is sunny, beautiful, and hot every single day. When I walk outside I like to be in shorts, sandals, and a tank top with no makeup and my hair freshly washed. That is how I grew up and it is the lifestyle I have always lived. I am uncomfortable doing anything but that.
Us: You went skydiving for the first time last year for an L.A. Times piece. How was it?
CC: I did it right outside of L.A. It was incredible and so much fun. The scariest part is being in the plane and knowing what you are about to do. Falling in the sky is such a freeing feeling. It is crazy and beyond peacefully quiet up when you are floating and seeing everything up above. I would definitely do it again in a tropical area.
Us:. Were you afraid?
CC: You have no time to think or be like, 'I can't do this! I want to stop!' It is scary being on the ledge being like 'holy s***, what am I doing right now?’ It went so fast that I wanted to do it three times in a row. It lasts for a few minutes and then you are down on the ground. It was fun but too short.
Us: You were discovered similar to the way Rebecca Black was discovered: on the internet. What did you think of the whole Rebecca Black phenomenon this year?
CC: That is what is amazing about the Internet. People find stuff and pass it around to their friends, which is what they did with my music. Because of that, I have a career, I scored a record deal, and I have fans from before I even knew I was an artist. I was writing songs and putting them up on Myspace because my friends said to. To know that Justin Bieber was found that way as well, and it's just incredible. It is very organic way because labels find artists who don't have fans and they try to turn them into huge stars. But when fans find you themselves they have a connection with you, and it is more meaningful to them. The song is so ridiculous and foolish that you have to laugh. It is not a good song but it is really funny.
Us: Have you and Jason Mraz talked about collaborating again?
CC: We always keep in touch. We haven’t talked about writing since we can't do two albums in a row but I feel that we will in the future. We saw each other about a month ago at a birthday party. I made Jason and his former fiancé sing "Lucky" together. It was fun.
Us: What else do you have planned for the rest of the year?

CC: The record came out July 12th and the tour starts soon and will go through October. I am also playing at the House of Blues. Common did a song with me and we want that to be the third single. I am so happy about that track.
Us: Your dad is famous for producing all the great Fleetwood Mac albums. Have you heard from Stevie Nicks?
CC: It is funny because she and Vanessa Carlton did something together. I was hanging out with Vanessa and she was like, 'Oh me and Stevie were talking about you the other day. She was like it is just crazy that little girl was hanging around at the studio and at concerts and now she is this famous artist. It's amazing. It is Ken's little daughter.' It is cute.
Us: What is it like being the voice of the OWN Network ads?
CC: It is incredible. I have been watching Oprah shows with my boyfriend for a long time and we DVR everything on the OWN Network. When we got that offer, we freaked out. I can't believe it!

By Ian Drew for Us Weekly. To read more of Ian's blog, click here.

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