Debbie Matenopoulos: I’ll “Never” Marry Again

Debbie Matenopoulos says she is so burned by her split with Los Angeles music executive Jay Faires that she has no plans to walk down the aisle again. "Never," she told reporters Thursday at the Byron & Tracey Salon party in Beverly Hills. "Divorce is awful," she said. "I know you guys are all waiting to ask me, so I'm just going to f—–g tell you: Divorce is awful." How awful? Pointing to a bandage on her finger, she joked, "I was trying to kill myself, and I cut the wrong place."

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Faires filed for divorce on Nov. 12 after five years of marriage, claiming that they have "continuously lived beyond our means during our marriage." Their split heated up this past week when he spoke out in the press, alleging that Matenopoulos pays for nothing — including the cable bill — in regards to their multimillion-dollar L.A. home. Faires — who is seeking spousal support — also revealed how she earns at least $225,000 a year as an E! anchor, while he brings home $37,500 per month before taxes.

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Matenopoulos said she is still outraged that he went to the press. "I was like, 'Dude, you're not even in the public eye! Why are you doing that?'" she said. "He wants to hurt me, or it's his way to be like, 'Screw you.' "Clearly, my husband's talk is cheap, and after everything you've read, you can discern that he is cheap as well," she said.

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After all the drama, she said her "new thing for 2009 is, 'We are females, hear us roar.' If it weren't for us, you boys wouldn't be here because you grew inside of us, so back off." It hasn't been easy for the bubbly Matenopoulos to keep a sense of humor through it all, she said. "I've cried for a year," she said. "He left Easter Day … and never came back. He's said all this stuff about not paying my way. Anybody who knows me knows I pay my way and beyond my way. "There's absolutely no validity to it," she said of his claims. "He's lying in the press. P.S. — we have all the documents and the judge knows the truth, so it doesn't matter." The two have a hearing Feb. 23.

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