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Demi Lovato Tells Seth Meyers About Her “Mermaids as Aliens” Theory: Watch Now!

Out of this world! Demi Lovato doesn’t just believe there’s life on other planets — she believes there’s life on this planet that came from other planets. Appearing on Late Night With Seth Meyers on Wednesday, June 4, the former X Factor judge shared her theory about mermaids as aliens, and the possibility that there might be a conspiracy to cover them up.

Asked whether she thinks that aliens are real, the 21-year-old “Heart Attack” singer replied, “I know that they’re real…How self-centered would we be as humans to believe that we are the only living things in the universe?”

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“Well, call me self-centered,” Meyers retorted, “because I don’t believe in aliens.”

Lovato—a self-proclaimed “huge fan of conspiracy theories”—then went on to tell the Saturday Night Live alum about her belief in mermaids, which she suspects might be an alien species living in the Indian Ocean. She cited Christopher Columbus’ journal descriptions of his own reported mermaid encounters as evidence. 

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Demi Lovato on Seth Meyers

“I just think it’s possible, and there’s this, like, really extremely convincing documentary that came out,” the Glee guest star told Meyers, who quipped in response, “The Little Mermaid?” Laughing, Lovato said, “No! It was on, like, National Geographic—no, the Discovery Channel. And then the next day they had to say it was fake.”

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In fact, the special in question, Mermaids: The New Evidence, aired on Animal Planet in May 2013. Some 3.6 million people tuned in to watch the staged doc, a sequel to 2012’s Mermaids: The Body Found. At the end of the program, a disclaimer told viewers that “certain events” in the film were “fictional.”

The National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration released a statement last year, too, to clear up any lingering confusion. The statement said that “no evidence of aquatic humanoids has ever been found.”

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According to Lovato, that may be because mermaids aren’t the humanlike creatures we’ve seen in books and movies. “I mean, they’re aliens,” she told Meyers, somewhat sheepishly.

Watch the video above to see Demi Lovato’s full mermaid theory—plus Seth Meyers’ hilarious reaction!

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