Eaten Alive’s Paul Rosolie Explains Discovery Special, Not Getting Eaten By a Snake: “We Gave It the Best Shot We Could”

On Sunday, Dec. 7, America took to Twitter in outrage over the fact that a man wasn’t eaten by an anaconda. The Discovery Channel upset viewers, PETA, and presumably the snake with its special Eaten Alive, and on Monday, Dec. 8, the man behind it all, Paul Rosolie, was interviewed on Jimmy Kimmel Live

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The late-night host was quick to give Rosolie a hard time after promos for his special had promised viewers that he would, in fact, be eaten alive. 

“Hey, we gave it the best shot we could!” the self-proclaimed environmentalist said, grinning. 

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Rosolie spent more than an hour locked in the anaconda’s tight embrace, and had to tap out when he felt his arm starting to break. His stunt has enraged animal-rights group PETA, who claim he knowingly did something to disturb the creature and its environment. 

Paul Rosolie
Eaten Alive’s Paul Rosolie was interviewed by Jimmy Kimmel a day after his controversial special aired on Discovery.

“The whole reason we did this show is because I’ve worked in the Amazon. I’ve seen it being destroyed,” he said in response. “And everybody knows the whole ‘rainforest is being destroyed’ thing, but it’s not stopping it from happening. I feel like PETA and everyone else has watched the last 20 minutes of the show, and they’re hinging on that and totally forgetting everything else about the fact that we’re trying to protect these animals.”

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“So what you’re saying is they really need to open their throats and accept all of this information, not just a little part of it?” Kimmel jokingly replied. 

As for those who are upset that Rosolie wasn’t ingested by the reptile, he says, “I think they missed the point of the whole show then.”

Kimmel claimed that in order to make it up to the viewers, Rosolie must be eaten by another animal. 

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“I think I owe it to the people of planet Earth to get eaten by something!” he replied. 

Watch his interview, and tell Us what you thought of the Eaten Alive special!

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