Entourage Cast: What We’ll Miss Most About the Series

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It's the end of an era for Entourage.

When the HBO show's eighth season premieres Sunday, it'll serve as a final countdown to the end of the series on the small screen.

So what can fans expect from Turtle, Vinny and Ari in the final season? "It's just going back to like traditional season one Entourage style with some evolution," Jerry Ferrara told Us Weekly at the premiere party for his show Tuesday in New York City.

Prior to Sunday's show, Us asked a handful of the show's series regulars to dish on their favorite Entourage memories and what they'll miss most about filming. Read on for their thoughts and let Us know your favorite Entourage moments in the comments!

ADRIAN GRENIER (as Vincent Chase)
Us: What's your favorite episode and why?
AG: I always say the first episode, because it made all the rest possible. We had no idea what we were in for; that first episode is great to reflect on now that we've come this far.
Us: What are you going to miss most about filming?
AG: My cast and crew. They're the best! They've made doing this show an honor. This season is going to be extremely nostalgic [and] extremely touching but everyone's going to look back on it and smile on it all.

Us: What's your favorite episode and why?
EC: I just had the greatest experience with Kevin Connolly, [who] directed episode seven of this season and it's one of our biggest [episodes] together. He was so brilliant as a director — it was really exciting.
Us: What are you going to miss most about filming?
EC: Everything! My cast [and] being a part of such a great show. They're like my family and it's just a little surreal. Where does time go?

Us: What's your favorite episode and why?
JF: The Sundance episode! That was one of those that barely felt like 'work' because it was so much fun to make.

Us: What's your favorite episode and why?
PR: For me personally it was that episode where Mrs. Ari tells Ari that she wants to do the soap opera episode, he tells her she can't do it and she goes and does it anyway. I had to go make out with some 20-year-old guy and he's horrified. It just shows Mrs. Ari's stronger side; I loved being able to deliver that.
Us: What are you going to miss most about filming?
PR: The clothes! I wore the sickest clothes on the show. I wore a lot of Gucci, and a gorgeous Monique Lhuillier dress from the last episode this year. I always say that's my favorite. Every episode they dress me in some amazing clothes. I just got to look really great in them [but not keep them]. I don't know if I'll ever dress that well again.

REX LEE (as Lloyd)
Us: What's your favorite episode and why?
RL: The 13th episode of season 2, it's called 'Exodus.' It's the first time the writers gave me a whole lot to do and trusted me so I feel like I needed to prove myself. It's the one where Ari drove me home and gave me the whole pep talk speech. When it was all done they said 'You did a good job' and I feel like it sort of cemented my position on the show.

JEREMY PIVEN (as Ari Gold)
Us: What's your favorite episode and why?
JP: It will be episodes 7 and 8 of this season just because I got to do stuff with this character that I've never gotten to do before: humanize this guy, this incredible reactive character.
Us: What are you going to miss most about filming?
JP: It was such a release; it was so cathartic to play such an emotional and reactive character, but also incredible exhausting. I feel like we ended as strong as we could and I just feel really proud and blessed to be a part of it all.

Entourage's eighth and final season premieres Sunday at 10:30 p.m. (EST) on HBO.

By Allison Corneau for Us Weekly. For more Channel Surfing, click here.

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