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Entourage Stars Spill on Fan Hookups, Set Secrets: Watch!

They might need to hug it out after this one. The stars of the newly released Entourage movie stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Thursday, June 4, and spilled some juicy secrets from the seven years they spent filming the HBO show and the recent months on the set of the big-screen adaptation.

Kevin Connolly, Adrian Grenier, Kevin Dillon, and Jerry Ferrara sat down with host Ellen DeGeneres for a game of Never Have I Ever, coming clean about the extracurricular activities that took place when they weren’t playing E, Vince, Johnny Drama, and Turtle, respectively.

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“This is a game that was basically invented for you guys,” DeGeneres began, as she faced the four stars on the opposite couch. “So I’m gonna say something, and you have to either say ‘I Have’ or ‘I Have Never.’ You’ll be honest because that’s what you’re all about, honesty. That’s what people love so much about you.”

While the actors may not be known for their candor, Connolly promised to keep his costars honest, telling the TV host, “We know each other pretty well, too, so I’ll know if anybody’s lying.” 


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DeGeneres then launched into the first question, reading, “The first one is, ‘Never have I ever had sex in a dressing room or trailer on the set of Entourage.'” The men immediately cracked up, avoiding eye contact as they decided how to answer. 

As Grenier evaluated each side of his paddle, Connolly flipped to “I Have.” Ferrara and Dillon soon followed suit, both admitting to their on-set hookups.

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Later in the game, Connolly showcased his commitment to the truth once more. When DeGeneres asked if any of the stars had hooked up with a woman who only knew them by the name of their character, he admitted that he had, in fact, been in that exact situation — a story his three costars were fond of.

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