‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’ Recap: Whitney Thore Cries When Crush Breaks Her Heart After Pregnancy Scare

Rough week! Whitney Thore had to deal with rejection, an awkward run-in with her ex and an arrogant dance company on the Tuesday, February 14, episode of My Big Fat Fabulous Life.

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Whitney tried to open up to her crush and throw a lively housewarming party for herself, but it all flopped. Poor girl! Here are all the tough moments from Tuesday’s episode.

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Whitney Sees a Future With Roy!

Even though Roy has claimed to have a girlfriend, Whitney has remained skeptical of this mysterious significant other’s existence, due to the way Roy flirts — or “flirks” — with Whitney at work.

Therefore, Whitney continued to fantasize about Roy. She said she could see a “future” with him, even though they are coworkers, and she is eight years his senior.

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“He knows what to do and how to be thoughtful,” Whitney said. “That makes me imagine our anniversaries and our wedding.”

Lennie Brings an Uninvited Guest

Whitney decided to invite Lennie Alehat to her housewarming party to stay civil with her ex, especially due to the recent drama regarding their near-pregnancy.

“I love Lennie, and I’m not carrying his baby, and that makes me love him even more,” Whitney said.

However, Lennie walked into Whitney’s party with a date, and it completely ruined Whitney’s night. The party was mixed drink-themed, so everyone dressed up as their favorite cocktail. While Whitney decided to go with a funny “Long Island Iced Tea” costume, Lennie’s new girlfriend opted for a sexier “Bloody Mary” outfit, which infuriated Whitney.

“If you’re going to bring a date, couldn’t she at least be like missing some teeth?” Whitney asked the camera. Doesn’t everyone hope that about their ex’s new flings? We are totally with you, girl.

Whitney Gets Rejected

After Roy didn’t show up to Whitney’s party, he invited her out to lunch because he felt bad. Whitney took this as an opportunity to ask Roy about his girlfriend and tell him her true feelings. However, as Roy bragged about his girlfriend, it seemed like Whitney could sense the forthcoming rejection.

“I’m a little sad,” Whitney said, but wouldn’t tell him exactly why. However, Roy knew she was heartbroken about him and tried to let her down easy.

“I think that you are smart. I think that you’re beautiful. I think that you’re funny. I think that you’re a great person. I truly mean that,” Roy said. “I was just being friendly, and it came off wrong.”

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Whitney Feels Insecure

After Roy rejected Whitney, she felt really down and was in desperate need of some retail therapy. She decided to go antiques shopping with her mom, Babs Thore, and totally broke down.

“I always feel kind of like I’m going to die alone,” Whitney said.

Babs tried to console her but was also confused about why Whitney could not keep a man. However, Whitney had her own suspicions as to why her love life has been lacking.

“I know if I weren’t fat, I would not be single,” Whiney said while crying.

Big Girl Dance Team Gets Dissed

Whitney was extremely nervous to have her dance team perform at the Folk Festival. They had little time to rehearse, and Todd couldn’t be by her side during the performance. However, in front of a small crowd, the team rocked their routine in cowboy hats and were feeling proud of themselves — that is, until members from a dance class from Charlotte made snotty comments about the performance.

“That routine was cute,” Gia, the dance instructor of Trophy Wife Fitness, said to Whitney’s squad. “Did they tell you guys not to dance full-out?”

Whitney tried to be nice and say it was the first time a lot of her dancers have performed in front of a crowd, but Gia would not back down, and Whitney was over it.

“She needs to stay in her lane and drive herself back to crazy town,” Whitney said. Sounds Whitney could use a long island iced tea right about now!

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