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Fifth Harmony Plays “Worth It or Not?”

Fifth Harmony

Fifth Harmony, the pop group behind the smash single “Worth It,” set their limits for Us Weekly. Worth it or not? The girls weigh in!

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Ally Brooke of Fifth Harmony
Ally Brooke of Fifth Harmony

Ally Brooke

Giving up music for any other job? Not worth it! “Hell to the no! Unless it was helping people working in a hospital.”

Wearing braces for a full year? Worth it! “I wore Invisalign, so if they’re going to get your teeth straight for the rest of your life and it’s only going to be a year, I say go for it, for sure.”

Eating an entire pepperoni pizza by yourself? Worth it! “Oh, my gosh, so worth it! I’ve done that before in Chicago, New York — a lot of places!”

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Binge-watching every single Real Housewives season in one shot? Not worth it! “I did that with the New Jersey show five years ago. But now I don’t want to waste time on TV.”

Moving to a favorite vacation spot for the rest of your life? Not worth it! “I mean, I love the Bahamas, but I’m a Texas girl and I love my home more. I’d never be able to leave it.”

Dinah-Jane Hansen of Fifth Harmony
Dinah-Jane Hansen of Fifth Harmony

Dinah Jane Hansen

Being Justin Bieber’s girlfriend? Worth it! “Wow. I don’t think that will ever happen. Maybe in the next lifetime. …That would definitely be interesting, if nothing else.”

Auditioning for The X Factor all over again? Not worth it! “I don’t want to cry again! The anxiety was way too much.”

Replacing one of the members of the group with a male singer? Not worth it! “I would not switch out one of my girls.”

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Performing on a cruise ship around the world for a year? Not worth it! “I’d never be able to last for that long. I get so seasick and would throw up too many times!”

Becoming Taylor Swift’s roommate? Worth it! “We’d jam all day! She’d play me country and I’d get her into trap.”

Normani Kordei
Normani Kordei of Fifth Harmony

Normani Kordei

Hiring Cookie Lyon (from Empire) as your manager? Worth it! “She would be a bad B! I’d love to be her Tiana.”

Persuading a friend to buy you a new Mercedes in exchange for chauffeuring her six kids? Worth it! “As long as she pays for me to get it cleaned. It’ll get really junky!”

Getting locked in a room for 24 hours with Wiz Khalifa? Worth it! “We would have a really amazing conversation. He seems brainy. Rappers are really the smartest people.”

Sitting next to Donald Trump in coach en route to a free trip to paradise? Not worth it! “I’d just be angry the whole time and we’d keep fighting.”

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Engaging in an epic Twitter battle with Nicki Minaj? Not worth it! “She’s my queen! I would never want that to happen. I’d just want to be her best friend forever.”

Lauren Jauregui of Fifth Harmony
Lauren Jauregui of Fifth Harmony

Lauren Jauregui

Becoming the Jolie-Pitts’ new nanny? Worth it! “So worth it I could cry. I’d do anything to be a part of that family.”

Going without a cell phone for a week? Worth it! “It’d be dope to just live in the real world without a device.”

Wearing the most gorgeous dress — that is too tight to sit in? Worth it! “I’ve done it. If you look bomb on that carpet, it’s definitely worth it to get a good picture out of it.”

Same question: Flying in coach next to Trump on an all-expenses-paid vacation? Worth it! “I’d love to debate all day with him. Plus, I’d get a trip.”

Winning your first Grammy Award — for Best Polka Album? Not worth it! “Ugh, no. I don’t like polka. I’d be so upset if that was the one Grammy that I received in this lifetime.”

Camila Cabello of Fifth Harmony
Camila Cabello of Fifth Harmony

Camila Cabello

Working at a karaoke bar? Worth it! “It’d be so fun! You get to just sing for fun with nobody judging you. And I could do old Britney Spears songs. I’d do that right now!”

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Leaving home without makeup? Worth it! “It’s always a good idea to let your skin breathe.”

Popping a huge pimple on your face — if it leaves a tiny scar? Not worth it! “Sometimes you get so angry that you just want to destroy it, but then it’s there to haunt you forever.”

Starring in a big movie musical if another star’s voice is dubbed in? Worth it! “That hurts! But if the way they sang fit the character better, then I’d be like, ‘Ooh, okay, that makes sense.’”

Running as Kanye West’s vice presidential nominee in 2020? Not worth it! “Not at all. I’m gonna just leave it at that.”

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