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Fifty Shades of Grey Hardware Store Scene: See Photos of Jamie Dornan, Dakota Johnson on Set

Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson
Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson film scenes for "Fifty Shades of Grey" at a hardware store in Vancouver, Canada on January 22, 2014.

Picking up some essentials! After filming the new car scene on Jan. 16, Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson have moved on to shooting the famous hardware scene from E.L. James' erotic novel, Fifty Shades of Grey. The costars were spotted on the Vancouver, Canada set of the highly-anticipated big screen adaption on Wednesday, Jan. 22.

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Playing billionaire businessman Christian Grey, former Calvin Klein underwear model Dornan, 31, looked hot in a tight shirt and jeans as he stepped out of a hardware store holding a paper bag. In the scene, Grey visits college graduate Anastasia Steele (Johnson) at work at Clayton's hardware store to pick up rope, cable ties and other items. The purchases hint at Grey's secret life of BDSM, which Steele has yet to learn.

Johnson was seen standing outside the store getting some acting advice from director Sam Taylor-Johnson. Playing the part of an innocent young girl, the newly brunette 24-year-old actress looked doe-eyed while standing with her hands in the pockets of a long black winter coat and wearing brown boots.

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While Fifty Shades fans may enjoy seeing photos from set, it's the interior, bedroom scenes that are gaining the most interest. In a recent interview with Deadline, producer Michael De Luca said the film is trying to stay as true to the book's sex scenes as possible.

"We're very conscious of not making anything gratuitous or exploitive while being faithful to the stories of the book and to the fans of the book," De Luca explained. "We're going to give them what they expect, which is an intense and erotic love story."

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"Obviously the film can't be as explicit as the book," he added. "A picture is worth a 1000 words. So to be erotic onscreen means I think an image is going to have way more power than reading the words on a page."

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