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Gay Bachelor Show Suitor Accuses Costar of Propositioning Him: ‘You Had Your Hand in Your Pants’

Another dating show, another Chad causing drama! Two suitors get into a heated argument over whether one of them was hitting on the other in Finding Prince Charming‘s Thursday, September 15, episode, as seen in Us Weekly‘s exclusive sneak peek.

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The Logo series’ preview clip shows Eric and Chad stepping aside to chat. This follows a tense moment in front of the group in which Eric made it clear he’s not Chad’s biggest fan.

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“I wanted to come talk to you one-on-one,” Eric, 35, says. “Do you remember the night after elimination? You came into the kitchen, and you had your hand in your pants, and you were talking about the pool room. You were like, ‘It’s cooler over in the pool room. We should go over to the pool room. Come with me over to the pool room.'”

Finding Prince Charming
‘Finding Prince Charming’

Chad, 32, doesn’t appear to remember the night in the same way and fires back, “Are you out of your f–king mind? … Do you think I’m attracted to you? Is that what you think?”

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“Your story is false — I never, ever came onto you,” Chad continues. “You’re a f–king liar, dude. Are you out of your f–king mind?” At that, Eric replies, “No, I’m not, but I’m beginning to wonder if you are because of the way you’re being with me right now.”

Finding Prince Charming
‘Finding Prince Charming’

Luckily, this Chad isn’t yet as intense as The Bachelorette season 12’s lunch meat–loving, metal door–punching Chad Johnson. But then again, the season is still young.

Finding Prince Charming focuses on a group of eligible gay men competing for the affections of Robert Sepúlveda Jr., and last week’s series premiere showed the contestants already butting heads.

Watch the intense clip in the video above to see Eric reveal why he thinks Chad is not able to recall hitting on him. 

Finding Prince Charming airs on Logo Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET.