Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Plane Crash PTSD Strikes Seattle Grace — Which Couples Survived?

Grey's Anatomy One Flight Down plane crash
Another plane crash struck Seattle on Grey's Anatomy, shaking up three relationships in the process -- find out which couples made it through the tragedy! Mitchell Haaseth/ABC

Talk about deja vu! Another plane crash struck Seattle on Grey’s Anatomy, but this time, the doctors treated patients instead of going under the knife themselves. The season 8 tragedy was still at the forefront of everyone’s minds during April 16’s “One Flight Down,” though, as the Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital staff took a hard look at their relationships and priorities via flashbacks to their past disaster.

Interestingly, although Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) spent the hour dealing with her PTSD while anxiously awaiting husband Derek’s (Patrick Dempsey) call, we also saw some of the couple’s most romantic moments — and a huge revelation about their future. McDreamy didn’t show up for his meeting with the president in D.C., where he was supposed to quit his job, but it appears as if the Grey-Shepherd family may be growing. (If Derek makes it back to Seattle alive, that is.)

Stress flashbacks also brought a hopeful moment for Callie (Sara Ramirez) and Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) while we watched Owen (Kevin McKidd) and Amelia’s (Caterina Scorsone) relationship crumble.

Check out where three of our favorite relationships stand after the latest crash:

Jerrika Hinton Greys Anatomy
All the doctors at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital were on edge while treating patients from another plane crash on Grey’s Anatomy. Mitchell Haaseth/ABC

Meredith and Derek

Meredith anxiously called her husband to find out why the heck he missed his meeting with POTUS as memories from her plane crash flooded in — particularly the harrowing moment with Cristina (Sandra Oh) screaming, searching for Derek in the rubble, and her sister, Lexie (Chyler Leigh), dying.

Not all the memories were horrible — like a Band-Aid on a bullet hole, sweet flashbacks of Derek just before he left for D.C. soothed her mind. She told him all about how she’d FaceTime with Cristina and sleep with her 3D-printed tumor while he was gone, and he told her he’s “back for good” and promised never to leave. (He’s never been great at keeping promises, has he?)

Nevertheless, the final flashback proved the craziest when he randomly told her he wanted more kids. “It’s always been you. But I want more of this, of us. I want to have more. Let’s have more,” he said — and Meredith immediately agreed.

Calling it now: Meredith ends up pregnant while Derek is still missing. Everyone in the hospital tried to help her with her anxiety, but Bailey was ultimately the one to give her the best advice. At 5 p.m., she had the right to panic, and at that time on the dot, we watched her pick up the phone to call authorities as a cop car pulled into her driveway. Where. Is. Derek?

Callie and Arizona 

If you’ve come to terms with the fact that Callie and Arizona are probably never, ever getting back together, think again. Even though Callie purposely avoided Arizona after plane crash patients came in — “I can’t be that person for Arizona. It’s not my place anymore,” she told Alex (Justin Chambers) — it all came full-circle by the end of the episode. Arizona and Meredith coped with their anxiety together (plus yelling at Alex helped alleviate some of the intense emotion), so by the time she saw Callie, their interaction was a loving one.

At the end of the PTSD-filled day, Alex told Arizona that he was the one to amputate her leg because he was running out of time to save the rest of her body. It was Callie’s decision, but he was the one to make the cut. She immediately ran to Callie and asked, “Why didn’t you tell me about Alex and my leg? All this time, you let me hold it against you. Why?”

Callie had the sweetest reply, saying, “I made the call. No matter what, it was still me making the call to take your leg and I knew you were going to hate me. I didn’t want you to hate Alex, too,” she revealed. “I wanted you to have somebody.” This changes everything!

Kevin McKidd and Caterina Scorsone Greys Anatomy
It took one awkward elevator ride to end things between Owen (Kevin McKidd) and Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) for good on Grey’s Anatomy. Mitchell Haaseth/ABC

Owen and Amelia

All it took was one awkward elevator ride to end things between Owen (Kevin McKidd) and Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) for good. “I just don’t think this — us — is a good idea,” she told him. When he said he thought “this is more,” she shut it down. “I don’t have any more to give. I’m not trying to hurt you,” she reasoned, but Owen went into a rage spiral and yelled about her just wanting the “rush” and the “high” and not the real relationship before storming off.

After spending most of the day bickering and snapping at each other and creating a tense environment for everyone (especially poor Stephanie), the pair talked it out.

“This is unfair,” Amelia said. “You are hardly being civil. I am sorry if I hurt your feelings.” To our surprise — and hers, too — Owen then opened up about the plane crash and how he blamed himself for everything that happened to the doctors involved. “I failed them,” he said — especially Cristina. Amelia took that moment to hold his hand, but she was quickly shut down again.

“I won’t survive another plane crash, Amelia, and that’s all we are,” he said. Ouch.

Tell Us: Do you think Meredith and Derek could have a baby? Are you holding out hope for Callie and Arizona to reconcile? Is there any way Owen and Amelia can be together?

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