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Idol’s Kevin Covais: If Crystal Doesn’t Make Finale, I “Won’t Be Watching”

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Season 5 American Idol finalist Kevin Covais is blogging for Since the show, 20-year-old has appeared in films College and Labor Pains (alongside Lindsay Lohan). He also works with the Diabetes Research Institute.

Crunch time is upon us, Idol lovers! Season 9 is now down to the Top 3, and we find ourselves just one week away from the Finale. Or in other words, barring any major surprises, we are one week away from an inevitable Crystal/Lee showdown for the crown and also a wrap for Mr. Simon Cowell. It's difficult to imagine this show without him, and this is coming from a guy who got a verbal beat down from the Simon nearly every week! But thankfully I survived all that and am still here to blog about last night's performances!

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The night began with a performance from Casey James. The song he has chosen is "OK, It's Alright With Me." The thing about Casey is that nearly every performance of his is easy to listen to and enjoyable, but there is nothing incredibly distinct or spectacular about his delivery. That was his issue tonight. While this topic has been beaten into the ground all year, I have to stand by Simon's opinion that this was not a solid song choice at all.

Up next is the last female standing, Crystal Bowersox. "Come To My Window" by Melissa Etheridge is her choice. The song suits her perfectly, and I disagree with the judges because I happened to enjoy the arrangement. There were some rough patches vocally throughout for Crystal though. But you can't help but be impressed by her showmanship and her instrumental abilities while delivering a solid vocal. The harmonica was awesome, and this effort was not half bad by Crystal.

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Third up is the guy who made all the girls up front scream and shout, Lee DeWyze. He takes on one of my all time favorites in "Simple Man." Lee really played to his vocal strengths with this choice, and I second Kara's opinion that he showed everything he's got with it. What made this a better overall performance than either Crystal or Casey's first attempt was that Lee chose a song that really builds throughout and ends with a bang. This was a great performance by Lee.

We move on to the judge's selections for round two, and Randy and Kara have chosen John Mayer's "Daughters" for Casey. Let me start by saying that I do enjoy this song and I think Casey did quite a good job with it, with both sincere delivery and a terrific guitar solo. But I can't even begin to understand why the judges chose this song for him. It's not a song that could make a strong and lasting impact on the Idol stage for anybody, so I really don't think they did Casey any favors. Simon is right on the money by calling the arrangement lazy, and this just didn't allow Casey to shine at all.

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Paul McCartney's "Maybe I'm Amazed" is Ellen DeGeneres' pick choice for Crystal, and I think it's a terrific selection. This song is no easy task, yet Crystal did a terrific job with it tonight. She displayed tremendous range, and seeing her without the guitar brought out a new side. This was considerably better than her first performance, and if Crystal isn't in the finale next week, I won't be watching.

Lee closes out the night with Simon's choice of "Hallelujah" by Leonard Cohen. Randy called it unbelievable, and Kara called him the heart and soul of the season. I'm sorry, but I cannot agree with either of them. The performance was very good indeed, with tons of soul and terrific vocals. But for me Crystal has been the heart and soul of this season from day one. Lee, while being a very talented young man, has always been a lesser version of Chris Daughtry or David Cook in my mind. But this was a great night for him, and it looks as though Casey James is the odd man out and will head home Wednesday night.

I do believe this is ultimately Crystal's race to lose!

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