Idol’s Kevin Covais: Siobhan, Aaron and Michael Will Be in Bottom Three

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Season 5 American Idol finalist Kevin Covais is blogging for Since the show, 20-year-old has appeared in films College and Labor Pains (alongside Lindsay Lohan). He also works with the Diabetes Research Institute.

And then there were six. We are coming down to the wire on Season 9 of Idol, and only the serious contenders remain. For me it appeared to be a two horse race at the top between favorites Lee Dewyze and Crystal Bowersox. But last night, everyone really stepped up and delivered. The beautiful and incredibly talented Shania Twain was our mentor this week, and it was no surprise to see how well she related to the contestants. Did I mention how beautiful she is? Man, I've got a crush. Alright, let's get going!

First up is Lee, who has chosen the enormous hit song "You're Still the One." It's another solid week for Lee, who continues to bring his distinct tone to each of his performances. There wasn't anything particularly special about this performance, but I agree with Simon that it was the perfect Shania song for him this week. Lee has nothing to worry about after that performance.

Next up was one of my personal favorites from day one, Michael Lynche with "It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing." What stands out more than anything with Mike for me is that he brings more feeling to his performances than anyone else on the show this year, and he delivered yet again tonight. Simon says the performance was wet, and if by wet he means awesome, then it was indeed a wet performance.

More guys continue performing female songs as Casey James takes the stage. He chooses another ballad with "Don't!" It was a touching performance from Casey, definitely different from a lot of his interchangeable past performances, and in a good way. I agree completely with Kara that he brought a vulnerability to the song that suited him well. Job well done Mr. James.

Our first female of the night is up next, and it is none other than Crystal. She has chosen a love story for her boyfriend with "No One Needs To Know." She shows impressive range throughout, but the performance certainly wasn't her best. When discussing her song choice afterward she is incredibly composed, and that is one of many reasons why I like this girl so much. Even after a performance that the judges weren't thrilled with, she is a lock to be around come next Tuesday.

The youngest contestant left is up next, and it's Aaron Kelly. He picks "You've Got a Way." I've said it before and I'll say it again: this kid has an incredible voice for his age. This performance was very good, albeit a bit safe. Having said that, I completely agree with Simon that this was much better than the past few weeks for, and this young guy continues to take steps forward in this competition.

Siobhan Magnus closes out the night with the upbeat hit "Any Man of Mine." I think this was another great song choice. She really did a great job throughout on this one, and it was complete with Siobhan's signature scream at the end. But for me, the screaming worked and made for an exciting end to the night. According to Simon, it sounded as though she was giving birth. Although I really liked this performance, I can't argue with him there.

And now comes the hard part. This was a night filled with really great performances, so it is certainly difficult to say who should go. All I can come up with is an educated guess on who will fill out the bottom three. I'm going to guess that it will be Michael, Aaron, and Siobhan. We'll see how it plays out Wednesday night!

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