Idol’s Naima Adedapo: The Male Contestants Stole Our Votes!

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With three women left on American Idol against six guys, do Pia Toscano, Lauren Alaina and Haley Reinhart really have the chance to take it all?

Of course, say eliminated Idols Naima Adedapo and Thia Megia — so long as the older voting demographic learns how to text message!

Adedapo, 26, and Megia, 16, explored the reasons why they were eliminated during a visit to's New York City offices April 5. Read on for more of their thoughts on the upcoming summer Idols LIVE! concert tour, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler as judges, and yes, Adedapo's polarizing reggae Elton John cover.

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Naima Adedapo: 'Cause all the teenage girls are crushing on them! Look, I'm tired of getting slack about it — the teenagers don't like when I say that — but it's a reality. A lot of the people who would be voting for me are middle aged and not as technologically advanced. They're not texting on their phones a thousand times. They'll tell me 'I voted for you three times!' versus a teenager who will tell me they voted for me a thousand times.

Us: Thia, as a teenager, do you agree with that logic?
Thia Megia: You know what's funny? I don't text as much. I'm a different kind of teenager. But I kind of agree with Naima [that] if you think of the [fans] who love the boys, it's mostly teenagers who are constantly on their phones texting.

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Us: Have the guys taken the female vote into consideration during their performances and spruced up their style or added an extra swagger?
Adedapo: I don't think they make any extra effort. They're already cute — Paul [McDonald]'s got that darn smile! — so it's effortless for them.

Us: Given the girls we have left, what do you think their chances are to take the title?
Megia: The girls are still there and they're holding up our flag — I hope they keep it up! I'm rooting for everyone at this point and really don't care who's going to be the winner.

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Us: Everyone gets to go on tour! What are you most excited about when it comes to hitting the road?
Adedapo: I'm excited about being able to reach out to and perform for all the fans who voted us into the top 11 and made us finalists. There's an entirely different experience watching us on TV versus a live show. I'm looking forward to putting on a damn good show! I'm hoping we get to play the amphitheater at Summer Fest [in Milwaukee, where I worked] — that's where the Idol tour hit last year — and if we do, I'm going to ask to bring the blue shirt [staff] on the stage and have the whole audience say 'thank you for cleaning up [after us].'

Us: Naima, you can offer a texting tutorial at intermission for all your older fans!
Adedapo: Yeah, for my middle aged people who didn't want to text.

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Us: Will you going to sing your reggae Elton John cover on the road?
Adedapo: There's a possibility. I was thinking of covering a [Bob] Marley tune that's more popular and known as far as reggae goes. I loved [the John cover]. I had a good time doing it and I feel like it’s who I am, so if I had to go back and do it again, I would change nothing.

Us: Judges Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler also went through the process with you as newbies. What was it like having them in your corner each week?
Megia: They've gone through…the stress of auditions and being refused and being accepted – and having one of the most successful people in the music industry criticize you and advise you is an honor. What I love most about Steven is that he is himself. He just shows up and doesn't care what people think of him. He's a great example just by being himself. Jennifer has been an inspiration to me and my idol ever since I saw Selena. Jennifer wanted to hear more of my range, but I love showing the soft side of my voice, despite [getting criticized for] just doing ballads.

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Us: Thia, you had a few hours of school each day during the competition. Do you feel that hindered your practice schedule?
Megia: It did. We had to spend 3-4 hours of school a day, and being a minor, we couldn't work as much as everyone else did. Especially living in a hotel and in the mansion, everybody doesn't get as much sleep and one note echoes, it's hard to [practice]…

Us: Practice in the haunted Idol mansion?!
Both: It's not haunted!

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