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Forever Star Ioan Gruffudd Promises Henry Morgan Will Survive the Season (and Possibly Series) Finale

Ioan Gruffudd on the finale of "Forever"
Forever star Ioan Gruffudd promises that despite the title of the season 1 finale, "The Last Death of Henry Morgan," his character will make it through.

Forever fans, there’s some bad news first: The finale of the ABC drama’s first (and possibly only) isn’t going to resolve every storyline. But the good news is that star Ioan Gruffudd promises there will be plenty of loose ends tied up in the hourlong episode, “The Last Death of Henry Morgan” — and it won’t actually be the end of his immortal detective character.

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“It’s a great teasing episode, but no, we don’t actually succeed in killing off Henry Morgan, you’d be glad to know,” Gruffudd told Us Weekly of the ominous-sounding title. “I think it’s more of a metaphorical death, really, of Henry Morgan. The last scene of the show — he’s always backed into a corner with his secret and this corner there is no backing out of.”

The corner Gruffudd is alluding to is the season-long arc involving Henry’s partner and potential love interest, Jo (Alana De La Garza), possibly finding out about his secret.

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“When I read it I was kind of shocked with where it was going but it does leave it open-ended,” Gruffudd said of the season 1 finale of the bubble show — which does have a very real possibility of not returning. “We do go down the road of discovering this idea that Adam has brought up of the original weapon that caused this curse might be the weapon to reverse the curse. There’s an interesting duel between Henry and Adam there that people will love.”

Alana De La Garza and Ioan Gruffudd
“He’s always backed into a corner with his secret and this corner there is no backing out of,” Ioan Gruffudd said of Henry Morgan’s dilemma in the Forever finale.

But don’t expect every loose thread to be tied up. “To be fair, I think in our finale, as phenomenal as it is, a finale to every show ultimately is going to be a bit unsatisfying. You can never tie it up in a big box,” Gruffudd confessed. “We’re being very honest about it — we are tying up a few loose ends and leaving things open for the future because we don’t know if we’re going to come back or not yet.”

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Forever has struggled in the ratings — an always difficult proposition for a show that defies categorization like Forever, which is half police procedural and half supernatural mystery — but Gruffudd said he is grateful for the audience that did find the show.

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“We’ve asked you to come on this journey with us in the pilot, and if you can’t suspend disbelief from the pilot then our show’s not for you,” he dished. “But if you have and you’ve bought into that truth and I think people have absolutely loved it.” 

The Forever season 1 finale airs Tuesday, May 5 at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

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