Jeff Probst Places Odds On Survivor 30 Finalists, Dishes on Season 31 Twist

Carolyn Rivera, Rodney Lavoie Jr., Will Sims II, Sierra Dawn Thomas
It's a battle between a White Collar, a No Collar and 3 Blue Collars as Survivor 30 comes to an end — what does Jeff Probst think of the final 5 contestants? Screen Grab/CBS

What collar will the Sole Survivor be wearing? The final five castaways will be battling it out on Wednesday’s finale of Survivor Season 30. Jeff Probst spoke to Us Weekly about the finale, as well as the competitive voting for Season 31, ahead of the May 20 episode (airing at 8 P.M. ET on CBS) Find out what the host thinks of Rodney, Carolyn, Will, Mike and Sierra, the five remaining competitors of the 30th season!

Mike Holloway, 38, Oil Driller, Blue Collar

"His story seems clear at this point, he has one of two options: win his way to the end (which is, very tough to do) or get somebody to join him and make a move,” Probst told Us Weekly. "And if that happens, then I think Mike is a definite shot to win the game if he can get to the end — but he’s got to get to the end.”

 Sierra Dawn Thomas, 27, Barrel Racer, Blue Collar

"She has to make a move. This speaks to something that I say all the time and people a lot of times ridicule me for it — when I say, ‘you have to make big moves.’ And people often criticize me, ‘you’re just saying that because you want people to make big moves.’ But the truth is, Sierra is a living, breathing example of what happens when you don’t,” the former talk show host explained. "She’s made it deep into the game, she could theoretically make it all the way to the end, but she can’t win at this point. She can’t! She hasn’t done anything to win.”

Rodney Lavoie Jr., 24, General Contractor, Blue Collar

"Rodney could win,” the 53-year-old admitted. "Rodney’s game I think has gotten a little lost in the complaining but he’s such a hustler that if he can get to the end I could see him talking his way to the million bucks, because that’s what Rodney does in life. He talks you into things.”

Survivor Final 5 with Jeff Probst
Screen Grab/CBS

Carolyn Rivera, 52, Corporate Executive, White Collar

"Carolyn is a definite threat to win,” the executive producer said. "I think Carolyn is good enough with her speech and her words that she could win this game and I think Carolyn knows that. I think she’s sitting right now thinking ‘I’ve got a real shot at this.’”

Will Sims II, 41, YouTube Sensation, No Collar

"I don’t think Will could win,” Probst admitted. "I think Will had a shot because my experience with Will was, he was actually a really nice guy. Super likable […] and then man, that comment to Shirin, that whole scene with Shirin, the whole thing, the way he made it personal and then calling her playing the victim. He just lost a lot and that again is another example of why I love this show. You create the rules. Survivor is the player, the players are Survivor. So Will created that situation for himself. Could he get out of it? Absolutely. It would take an amazing moment but if anybody could, if anybody seems to have the character for it, it’s Will."

With 3 blue collars left from the original tribes — Mike, Rodney and Sierra — the odds are in their favor to bring home the million bucks for the blue. “When the game started the blue collars all said somebody from this tribe is going to win,” Probst said.

Season 31

Now that season 30 is wrapping up, Probst has his mind on season 31. The twist for the upcoming season is all about second chances. 32 players — 16 men and 16 women — who have played previously (and as far back as season 1!) are vying for a chance to return — and the power is in the hands of the fans who have been voting for their favorites to return.

"The votes matter!” Probst said. "People are campaigning and I wondered, I wonder what it’s going to do, impact it by a vote? Nope. It’s tens of thousands of votes that are shifting. And so now I’m even more invested because I’m realizing wow this first list I got, this list is clearly not indicative of who’s going to end up on the show.”

The returning players will be announced at Wednesday’s live finale.

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