Jeff Probst Strips Down Naked, Sizzles With Bacon in Two and a Half Men Promo Pic

Jeff Probst on Two and a Half Men
 Cliff Lipson/CBS

Naked, with bacon. For four-time Emmy award-winning Survivor host and producer Jeff Probst, it's all in a day's work.

The 52-year-old personality shared a preview photo from his upcoming cameo on CBS' Two and a Half Men on Twitter Wednesday, Nov. 13 — and it looks like Probst ditched his beloved blue shirt for his birthday suit.

Completely nude and carrying a tray of bacon, the super-fit Survivor staple explained to the Today show that his guest appearance on the sitcom was one where he was "playing a version" of himself. "I just jokingly mean that I'm not typically walking around naked with a plate of bacon," he said. "I don't really eat bacon."

The veteran television host continued, "I got a call from the casting director. I happen to be friends with [Jon] Cryer and I texted him and he said, 'I just read the script. It’s really funny. You should do it.' " Probst was then told that he would be naked. "Getting to work with stars with the magnitude of Cryer and Ashton [Kutcher] on a show of this magnitude created by one of the biggest TV creators of all time — and be naked. That will go down in the scrapbook," he added.

"It was fun to put myself in that position," he shared. "It’s also fun to make fun of yourself. Really, seriously, who is going to turn down a chance to be on that show? I’m all in."

As for prepping for his big moment, Probst admitted that he actually did not have the luxury of time like most actors who strip down for scenes. "It’s not like they called in June and said 'Hey, in November, we’d like to use you.' It was like 48 hours later we were shooting," he explained. "I definitely put effort into staying fit."

With one look at his rock hard abs, there is no debating that! The episode will air on Thursday, Nov. 14.

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