Jessica McNamee, Sirens Star Talks Female Cops’ “Fabulous Hair,” Deep Dish Pizza, Dive Bars With Cast

Jessica McNamee attends an event on January 30, 2013
Jessica McNamee, who stars on USA Network's Sirens, tells Us Weekly about rocking "fabulous hair" as a female cop, indulging in deep dish pizza during the show's Chicago shoots, and hitting dive bars with Denis Leary 

Jessica McNamee kicks serious butt in her latest role as a crime-fighting cop — with fabulous hair! — on USA Network's Sirens. The Australian stunner, 27, tells Us Weekly all about filming the series in Chicago with Denis Leary, Michael Mosley, Kevin Bigely and Kevin Daniels (read: lots of laughs on and off set!)

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US: You play a cop on this EMT comedy. How physical is your role?

Jessica McNamee: I stay in shape generally, so it wasn't that I had to do actual combat training or anything, but there's some running around. It was tough.

US: How's the uniform?

JM: Well, they tailored it nicely, but those belts are heavy. Usually, I'm prancing around in high heels so it's nice to actually be comfortable. [I was told] because female cops sometimes feel like they're weighed down by their uniforms, a lot of them tend to have fabulous hair or fabulous fingernails – -something that allows them to feel a little bit more girly. So I do always have that now!

US: Denis Leary is the executive producer on this show. What is it like working with him?

JM: He’s really good fun. He’s just a really intelligent, funny, lovely guy, very All-American. He's such an icon!

US: Any similarities between Sirens and his former smash, Rescue Me?

JM: This show still has a notch of that, in that it's kind of blue collar. Obviously, they’re firefighters. It’s got a similar flair to it. Bob Fisher who wrote Wedding Crashers is writing. Bob is a bit lighter and certainly Denis, I think, has got the kind of grittier, darker sense of humor.

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US: Did you and the guys hang out in Chicago off set?

JM: We were all living in the same block of units. Denis actually is a dive bar kind of guy.

US: Did you have good Chicago pizza?

JM: Yes! Deep dish is amazing. Although I think it's risky, living there for a long time in Chicago. The food is so good and heavy.

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US: You finished filming in the fall. Do you guys get together back in LA and watch the show?

JM: Yes! I actually just got a brand new place and had the guys over. I made spaghetti bolognese and we watched it. They're all boys; they eat! It was all gone by the end.

US: What's next for you?

JM: I just got back from shooting a show back home in Australia called The Time of Our Lives. Now, it’s just waiting to see when we go to second season. 

Sirens airs Thursdays at 10/9c on the USA Network.

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