Jimmy Kimmel Dresses Up Like a Pig and Talks to Kids: Watch the Video!

Jimmy Kimmel… what a Babe! The Jimmy Kimmel Live host dressed up like a pig on the Thursday, Oct. 2 episode of his show, and hilariously spoke to terrified children.

“A lot of parents know that children love animals — especially talking animals,” Kimmel told his audience. “Kids see talking animals on TV and the movies a lot, but I’ve always wondered how they would react if they saw a talking animal in real life.”

Show producers booked a Hollywood makeup artist, explained Kimmel, “and we asked him to transform me into a very realistic-looking pig.” The team then “invited some young kids off the street to meet Jimmy the Pig!”

The clip shows Kimmel’s crazy transformation from a human being to a (rather large!) even-toed ungulate, who is eventually left in a tiny pen at the State Fair. Two little girls are then brought inside to meet Jimmy the Pig, and excitedly approach the pen, where their pal, Jimmy the Pig, is “sleeping.”

“Hi,” Kimmel says to the girls as they gasp. “Have you ever met a talking pig before?”

jimmy kimmel

He and his new pals continue their conversation, and Kimmel pleads with them not to tell the “guy with the cowboy hat” that he has a talking pig. At one point, one of the girls says, “I don’t listen to talking pigs! I only listen to my parents.”

See if they keep his secret and watch the horrifying and hilarious video!

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