Jimmy Kimmel’s “Pot Quiz” Reveals SXSW Fans Know More About Weed Than Current Events: Watch Now!

It doesn’t have to be 4/20 for these blazers to light up! On a SXSW edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live, the host sent his camera crew out into the famed Austin, Texas music festival for a segment called “Pot Quiz.”

“There’s a lot of focus on how much people drink here at SXSW,” Kimmel began. “People aren’t just drinking, it’s a stereotype. People are also smoking marijuana. Even though pot is illegal in the state of Texas, someone somehow managed to sneak some in.”

stoned sxsw girl
Jimmy Kimmel's "Pot Quiz" at SXSW aired on March 18.

The interviewers proceeded to question festival attendees — first on topics surrounding politics and current events and then on superficial, typically weed-related subjects. 

When one man was asked to name the three branches of government, he replied, “Judicial, f–k dude, ah there’s one that starts with a ‘B.’” But when asked about flavors of Doritos, he quickly rattled off, “Ranch, the nacho cheese — hell yeah, Taco Bell.”

willie nelson at sxsw
Willie Nelson takes Jimmy Kimmel's "Pot Quiz" at SXSW on March 18.

Clad in a white crop top and a flower crown, one party girl, who couldn’t name a single Supreme Court justice, effortlessly listed the Kardashian girls, saying, “Khloe, Kylie, Kendall, Kim, and the other one, like the one who had a bunch of babies.” (Pssttt: It’s Kourtney!) 

A different woman, wearing a hat with a marijuana leaf, on it admitted she was, “so high, stoned to the bone,” but after the interviewer asked if she’d be willing to commit a felony on camera, she replied, “Definitely not, never.” 

Watch the clip to see what notorious pot smoker Willie Nelson had to say about all the smoke-filled hoopla! 

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