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John Stamos: 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me

John Stamos tells Us Weekly 25 thing you might not know about him.
John Stamos tells Us Weekly 25 thing you might not know about him.Jesse Grant/Getty Images

Have mercy! John Stamos, 50, takes Us Weekly beyond the hair and shares 25 things you might not know about the Full House alum. Catch Stamos in My Man Is a Loser, in theaters and on demand now.

1. The first concert I went to was The Beach Boys. The last concert I went to was The Beach Boys.

2. I still wear my dad's cologne, Aramis.

3. I like onomatopoeia—words that sound like what they mean, like tweet and roar.

4. I have a dog that I love a lot but I don't talk about her publicly. She's very sensitive when it comes to press.

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5. I'm the narrator on the Elvis Presley tour at Graceland. No, I have never seen the King's bedroom.

6. I once played bongos with Willie Nelson.

7. I've been on TV most of my life, but I don't love watching it (or myself).

8. I'm obsessed with Disneyland. On my first trip, I begged Tinker Bell for her number, but she wouldn't give it to me.

9. The first celebrity I ever met was the Fonz [Henry Winkler].

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10. I've been in many musicals on stage and TV, but I don't actually like to sing.

11. I was a complete band geek in school.

12. I've been told that when I run, I look like one of the marionettes in Team America: World Police.

13. I own fewer than 30 tank tops.

14. I love to garden.

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15. I've never seen Mean Girls, but I have seen Step Brothers.

16. I'm proud of Full House, but the last time I watched a full episode was 20 years ago.

17. I like to do Pilates three to four times a week.

18. I have 27 pairs of reading glasses.

19. I drove my dad's white El Camino from age 16 until the second year I was on General Hospital. I still have it.

20. I cut my own hair.

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21. Warning: I eat crackers in bed.

22. I have extremely skinny legs. I used to wear shorts under my jeans in high school to hide them.

23. I won't talk badly about my exes, but I will write about them on folded-up notecards and hand them out to friends at parties.

24. I'm a terble speller.

25. I am more neurotic than I may seem.

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